Who killed Major General Hassan Ahmed?

Major General Hassan Ahmed was murdered by yet to be identified gunmen on the Lokoja-Abuja road on July 16, 2021. It is a big slap on the face of the Nigerian Army under the leadership of Lt.General Farouk Yayah if it becomes difficult for them to expose the real killers of the General Hassan Ahmed.

We are waiting to see the faces of those who killed the Army General; his death should not be in vain.

The current Nigeria state is saddled with many problems, particularly insecurity. This ongoing killing in Nigeria is a big challenge. For a long period now, unknown gunmen have held this country hostage by kidnapping and killing both the poor and the rich.

Nigerian roads have remained unsafe and the Federal Government of Nigeria is yet to take decisive action to stop the killings. The murder of General Hassan Ahmed is an act of wickedness, no single arrest has been made up till now and this portends a bad omen for the nation.

The Army will become an object of ridicule worldwide if the killers get away with this act. The Federal Government should clear bush on the roadsides and utilise the land.  This will reduce the menace of kidnapping and killing. Certainly, all approaches and methods so far adopted by the Nigerian Army to curb the killing in Nigeria since 2015 have failed; the Defence Headquarters of the Nigerian Army is expected to change its tactics.

Barrister Jimoh Mumin, Ibadan


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