Which Country Is The Best To Retire In?

With the recent news of the government’s decision to not count government financial help towards the social care cap, financial experts at Pension Times, have analysed a series of metrics and given each country in Europe an overall score,  in order to find out which is the best to retire in.


The top 10 countries within this list can be seen below –



EU Country Overall Score Life Expectancy At Birth Cost Of Living index  Over The Age Of 65 (population) Average age retirement
France 77.4 85.3 74 14,017,120 62
Poland 71.4 80.8 40 7,111,830 65
Germany 70.7 80.9 65 18,312,800 65.66
Spain 69.8 85.1 53 9,380,000 65
Slovakia 69.2 80.4 44 911,653 62.5
Greece 67.9 83.7 55 2,388,416 62
Romania 66.7 78.4 35 3,247,744 65
Czechia 66.4 81.3 46 2,154,980 63.66
Sweden 65.0 84.2 69 2,080,350 61
Bulgaria 65.0 77.5 36 1,493,119 64.25


Here, we’re breaking down some of the things you can enjoy the most from the top 5 places on this list during retirement!



With a temperate climate and a range of enjoyable locations such as the South of France for hot summers, and the Alsace-Lorraine eastern regions for some cold winters, there are plenty of options to choose from for retiring in France to suit your requirements. Generally, outside of Paris and the main cities and Mediterranean resort towns, the cost of living is low, with well-priced real estate, good connectivity across the country and some of the best healthcare in the world.



Article 68 in Poland’s constitution promises healthcare and hospital stays for free for all of its citizens, offering both emergency care and coverage for pre-existing conditions for even expatriate retirees. With a low crime level, and affordable cost of living, Poland offers a slower pace of life at a low cost.



If you’re from the EU or a Schengen member state, you will not require a visa to live in Germany however you may need to register with the local Residence Registration Office. You’re able to successfully transfer your pension to Germany to avoid fluctuations in exchange rates however you may be able to a mandatory state pension once you reach retirement age. If you have been working in Germany for 45 years and have contributed to their social security system, you may even be able to retire from the age of 63!



Sun, sea and sand is what Spain has to offer its retirees and it is a common choice for many. Low property prices also help to keep Spain an attractive option for retirees, and with 5.8 million foreign residents now living there, you could also be a part of this exquisite lifestyle. If you are a non-EU citizen, you will need to prove that you have enough income to appropriately support yourself without employment – the minimum is set at €2,259 per month. Alicante, Javea, Malaga, Marbella and Torrevieja are all popular locations for retired expats in the country.




Slovakia is known for its stunning landscapes and historical architecture, and now it’s becoming a firm favourite with expat retirees too. With affordable real estate particularly outside of the main cities like Bratislava, many expats will choose to either rent or buy. There are lots of shopping options and countless activities for retirees to enjoy and the weather is generally temperate with warm summers and cold winters.

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