When in danger, use your weapons; you are not meant to kill but maim, IGP tells policemen

THE Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, has told officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force to always use their weapons whenever they are in danger.

He also told the officers and men that their weapons are not meant for killing when in danger but to maim any attacker they face.

The IGP said these on Tuesday during a one day working visit to Ebonyi State Police Command headquarters in Abakaliki.

The IGP, who frowned on the number of deaths involving policemen and destruction of police stations during the EndSARS protest, stressed that such violent protests will never be allowed to happen again in the country.

According to him, policemen are special breed of Nigerians charged with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties of citizens of the country.

He said: “When your life is danger, use your firearm. You are not meant to kill but to maim. Shoot the suspect on the leg not on the heart.

“EndSARS protests created a lot of problems for the Nigerian Police and the country. This protest came as a result of what many people have been yearning for.

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“The EndSARS protest started as a result of fake news provided by the social media. There have been lots of reforms being putting in place.

“The motive behind the EndSARS protests was attack on government. Their aim was not peaceful protest as it turned violent few days after. The reason was to attack the police that protect the citizens and corporate offices in the country.

“Police have the capability to prevent loss of lives. We are meant to protect and not to destroy lives. It was through maximum restraint we saved the country from anarchy. We proved that during the protests, the police can be trusted.

“Other sectors were attacked; police was not only the worst hit. Nigeria Police will never again accept such type of violent protest. If you want to protest, we will provide security but it should be within the law.

“We shall suppress violent protests with maximum force and follow the rules of engagement. Police officers are special breed of Nigerians specially trained. When your life is danger, you use your firearm. You are meant to maim and not to kill that person

“The officers that died did not die in vain. We have promoted them and looked into the issue of compensation. Welfare issues will be addressed. We have health insurance scheme.

“In January, 2021, there will be renovation of barracks and new ones will be built. Let us not be demoralised. Follow the rules of engagement. Go out with the authority that backs you in line with the constitution.


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