What makes woman happy in marriage?

AS much as emotions drives marriages and relationships, it is expedient that some values are inherent and displayed in swimming the tide of  difference between both parties who have decided to be one via marriage. This week, we are be discussing what makes the woman happy in marriage. Although, the list might seem endless due to women’s emotional flow and outbreak, yet these would help to pull some magic to having a lasting relationship and marriage.

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  1. Make her your number one. Your wife needs to feel that she is more important than your business or job, and especially more important than your mother, children, friends, sports and hobbies.
  2. Be intimate with her always. When your wife is stressed out and overwhelmed from putting out fires all day while trying to meet that important deadline, she needs to know that you are willing to share an intimate moment of comfort without demanding explanations or giving lectures. In other words, don’t fix her. Lend an ear, and let her process.
  3. Be as vulnerable as possible. Open or unobstructed communication is hugely important to the female gender, and that you can be emotionally available for her.
  4. Praise her. Make it a habit to often acknowledge and praise her for her work accomplishments so she can feel like she’s a valuable part of your life.
  5. Let her be part of your team. Your wife needs to feel free to help you contribute to the things that matter to you without fearing retaliation and anger.
  6. Protect and defend her. Not just from physically harm, but from the criticism of others. She wants to know that you are for her, and has her back.
  7. Make her feel like her opinion counts. She needs to know that her opinion is so valuable about your work or business that you will discuss decisions with her, and act only after carefully evaluating her advice.
  8. Share your life with her. She needs to connect with you in a special way, so create margin so she can share her life with you in every area — home, family, work, and outside interests. Don’t shut her out.
  9. Be a man of character and integrity. She needs you to be the kind of man her son can follow and her daughter would want to marry.
  10. Hold her often. She needs physical affection, to be tenderly held, just to be near you, apart from times of sexual intimacy.

Kindly Stay Safe and Healthy as we will discuss the Men section next week.


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