What is the best way of celebrating Christmas?

Jesus Christ gave world the lesson of love!! He taught us that we all have the same source and are related to each other in some way or the other. Moreover, why only a few of us actually just exist and do some good to our existence.

If you speculate you will come to know that only few of us only understand the real message of the almighty. There are just a few of us who fan the flames of the real potential and savor the beautifully created magic of God.

Christmas is around the corner and it’s the time you can find out the best way to celebrate this beautiful day. Here are a few of the spectacularly sophisticated ideas of celebrating Christmas 2019. Here we go

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  • Help the Poor and underprivileged

And, Jesus was sent to the earth to help people understand the significance of giving and the compassion that it emanates. And, helping somebody soul to fill satisfied can be the greatest investment one can ever make in the lifetime. One of the best ways to assure the almighty that you are following the teachings of Christ.


  • Vow to finance a child’s education

If you really want to be mindful and invest in something really meaningful, then make it point to finance a child’s education on Christmas day 2017 celebration. If not all make sure that you choose one life, one child arbitrarily and give him/her a bright future same as you think of giving to your own child.

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  • Gift to Show your affection

Make sure that no one is missed!! Gift everyone you know closely irrespective of what may be the distance between you two. It does not matter what is the material value of your gift but, it will definitely bring that shower of smile on their face.


  • Spend time in an elderly home

The angels first came to convey the arrival of the Jesus on the earth, to the Shepherds and in that way God wanted to convey us the message that, power is about making others powerful. And, it would be a great idea to spend quality time in an elderly home talking to those beautiful left hearts living in seclusion.


  • Dictate some lessons of Jesus to the children

And, it’s Christmas again and it calls for spreading the message of Jesus, he expects us all to be his messenger. Start it with you own little children who are not that well known to the principles of living. It will be a great way of helping the society and helping your children.


  • Say Bye-Bye to Resentments & Send a Sorry Note

And, Christmas celebration is the perfect time when you can say bye-bye to all the past resentments with people around. It is the perfect time to make up for all the relationships and start it all over again. Let love flow in it’s with its real essence; let the light of enlightment glow all through the world. These are some perfectly perfect ways of celebrating Christmas 2019 that will not only satiate your soul and nurture it with positivity but will all help in spreading the pious and benevolent message of Jesus Christ. Let the crusty experiences vanish with this effort of beautifying not only your said home but the home that the whole universe makes.


The significance of Christmas

For many centuries, Christians have been celebrating Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ, our Messiah. It is said that he was partly human and partly divine. Jesus Christ, who walked the earth more than 2000 years ago, was a revered and important religious figure. Christians believe him to be the Messiah, the redeemer of human-kind. Biblical accounts about his life say that Virgin Mary gave birth to him after having an immaculate conception. Given the immense deeds and miracles he performed, and the revolutionary religious works he carried out while on earth, his birthday is worth celebrating.

But not every Christian sect marks his birthday on the grounds that his actual date of birth seems to be indeterminate. There are diverse and conflicting myths and legends surrounding his birth. A Christian sect, the Jehovah Witnesses, has produced books and religious journals that posit that Jesus Christ was not born on December 25. It is also believed that a pagan festival was Christianized as Christmas in order to make it acceptable to people. Now, in Christendom, Christmas is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It has gained wide acceptance as billions of people celebrate it.

The season of Christmas offers us the ample opportunity to renew and rekindle our love for other people. Christ whose birthday we are celebrating paid the supreme price to guarantee our salvation and redemption. He did that out of love. Do we meditate and reflect on the teachings and message of Jesus Christ during the yuletide season and beyond? Do we engage in acts of charity during the period, too?

Now, Christmas is the time during which Christians living in places other than their home-towns return home. It is time when members of a family experience family reunion. People consummate their marriages in holy wedlock during the period. Other ceremonies and festivals are celebrated during the period, too.

Sadly, the celebration of Christmas has assumed a despicable dimension and hue. Prior to the celebration of the festival, some people engage in immoral and heinous acts in order to make money with which they will buy food items, clothes, pieces of furniture, and other things for the celebration. The Christmas festival has been monetized and commercialized. Now, it is time for the ostentatious display of wealth by the rich. Some rich people add new cars to their fleet of cars, and marry new wives.

It is sad that the commemoration of our Saviour’s birth is tainted by our indulgence in unwholesome deeds. Consequently, Christmas has lost its spiritual and religious significances. Jesus Christ propagated and spread the message of love while on earth. He taught us to imbibe the virtues of holiness, righteousness, tolerance, and faithfulness. Do we manifest those sterling personal qualities that defined the personality of Jesus Christ? The celebration of Christmas calls for sober reflection, and the re-dedication of our lives to true Christian living.


Culled from the www.christmas-day.com

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