What are your New Year resolutions for your relationship/marriage?

Every year comes with new focus, targets and principles to see that our present year supersedes the previous years. This is referred to as resolution. In 2019, different resolutions were made, some were achieved, some were not. To those resolutions not met the previous year, the new year provides the opportunity to chart a new course that would propel  us to for have  a better new year, career-wise, relationship wise and in marriages. In 2020, what are your New Year resolutions for your relationship and marriage?

On WhatsApp Conversation, these are what those who joined the conversation and our expert said on the issue:


Daniel Ameh

No relationship yet, but I know I’m getting married this year.


Taophequat Aiyepola

I’m going to be more peaceful as peace is what a man needs majorly, not love. Always make your home a heaven. And I am going to stay away from those who never want to get married, those who couldn’t get married and those who cannot stay married. It will go a long way in safeguarding my sanity.


Lanre Oseni

My relationship resolutions for 2020 are to show more love, adhere to my partner’s counsel, pray for longevity for us and to listen to my partner.


Tunde Adeleke

I didn’t find the love of my life in 2019, I intend to do that in this new year.


Victor Eseka

That the Lord connects me to the girl of my dreams, so we can enter into a serious relationship that will eventually lead to marriage. I hope to truly fall in love this year.



I didn’t fornicate enough in 2019. I want to up my game in 2020.



2020 is going to be my year of purity.


Pelumi Abatan

The plan on ground currently is to make money. After that, I can now talk of relationship. For now, I’m putting anything that brings me money first after God, then every other thing can now follow later.


Thompson Falowo

To love her unconditionally and to be a better partner than the previous year.   Help my partner to be the best she can be. Stay humble and teachable. Accept my mistakes and make corrections when necessary.


Sandra Nwabuani

It is in the hands of God, God leads and I follow.


Annette Chikodi

Well, this year I’m all about the good life. Just fun. I’m not entering into anything serious. You stress me, we are done. Cheers to a buoyant bank account and a better attitude. 2020 is all about staying fresh in all areas of my life.


Balikis Jimoh

I want to move my relationship to the next level, God-willing; I’m going to get engaged. No more arguments, no matter what. Communication is the key, I’m always the silent partner but this year, I’m going to change that because I realised that communication solves a lot of problems. Keeping things to myself escalates  issues.


Olubusoye Samuel A.

A great man once said, “your network is your net worth”. I believe keeping healthy relationship is one of the drivers of great success. As for me, my focus this year is to strengthen the bond I have with people, most especially those I’m willing to learn good stuffs from. And also to maintain a very cordial relationship with friends and families which I believe is very important. Because I believe no one succeeds in isolation, we all need each other to survive. In the other sense, I am not in a marriage-centered or focused relationship yet, but I hope to venture into this one if God approves it. This year is a year of engaging in meaningful and productive relationships for me because there are so many goals to achieve therein.


Expert Speaks

Emmanuel Adeboye, a legal practitioner is our expert on this week’s topic. I urge those intending to start another relationship in the coming year to beware a little fox that destroys the vineyards of relationship. It is what I call “Selfishness.” Being single for a period of time means that you have no one you are committed to. It means you do your things your own way. It means you make decisions and take steps without consulting or even informing anyone. This attitude will not help you if you want to start a relationship for the coming year. You must be ready to carry your partner along in all you do. Stop acting like “It’s your life and no one can tell you what to do with it.” A single can do that but not for someone in a serious relationship. If the person is not worth being informed and involved in your life’s crucial decisions, then s/he is not worth dating/courting. That strong man/madam spirit in you must be subdued. It is SELFISHNESS, irrespective of its positive outcomes. When you are not in a relationship, you can practice it. Otherwise, it kills a relationship. Then, don’t relate with your prospect on the grounds of what your ex did to you: “My ex duped me because I am a giver so I will be stingy in my next relationship” “My ex took my great love for granted; therefore, anyone who will win my heart must work hard to earn my love”, etc. Attitudes such as the above will scare away potential suitors (male and female). You don’t need to make life hard for anyone because someone abused it when you made life easy for him or her. You won’t help that brother/sister if you deal with him/her based on your past experiences. He/She is not responsible for your past choices. Don’t make him/her bear the consequences. If you have not healed from the past hurts, please don’t bother starting another relationship. It will kill the morale in your partner.


Next week on WhatsApp Conversation, we would be treating: How to deal with reckless spender as partners?

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