Welcoming back Medview Airlines

BETTER days await Nigeria’s air travelers as one of the top domestic airlines which suspended operations few months ago due to logistic problems is set to return to business before Christmas.

Medview Airlines before it got bitten by the bugs associated with airline business in Nigeria in particular had brought great succour to Nigerians on the airline domestic scene and even on both the regional and international scenes as it was able to reciprocate the Bilateral Air Service Agreements Nigeria signed with some  foreign countries by flying the flag of the country around the world.

Before the suspension of its flights, the airline which was operating to major parts of the country was also contributing its quota to foreign operations through flight operations into cities like London, Dubai, Jeddah, Accra, Abidjan, Conakry and Cotonou.

The great relief the airline brought to many Nigerians on the London route cannot be forgotten in a hurry despite the international aero political issues the airline had to grapple with which led to the subsequent suspension of its flights to the route.

At a point, the airline became one of the most favoured amongst Nigerian travelers as it contributed to making domestic operations active with passengers having the privilege of making their choices between the existing airlines.

What made the airline tick was its outstanding performances during the annual hajj operations as it was for many times drafted by the Federal Government to provide rescue operations for stranded Nigerian pilgrims in the Holy Land.

The height of its achievements was when the airline became the only domestic carrier that was listed on the Stock Exchange, which further repositioned it for better transparency and integrity as attested to by the shareholders.

Alas! While all things were working in its favour ugly issues started rearing their heads ranging from logistic issues traced to lack of aircraft to cash crunch which took subsequent negative effects on the airline. The airline management at the point took the decision to suspend all its flights operations to enable it review and re-strategise for a better performance.

Without doubt, at a time, the airline ran into the murky waters as the management at a point left some managerial knots untied which gave room for challenges and other issues that negatively shook the foundation of the airline.

As it is well known, airline business anywhere is not for the timid but for the brave who combine shrewdness with intelligence, strategic tendencies, ability to follow trends, understand and play the game of the business according to its rules, among many others.

Again, the travails faced by Medview Airlines has only confirmed the saying that the real problem is not starting an airline, but in remaining in business against already established competition.

It is, therefore, cheering to know that very soon the airline workers may soon start smiling to their banks again as the airline has concluded plans to launch into the skies again before Christmas, against all odds.

Information gathered has indicated that one of the airline’s aircraft, a Boeing 737-500 with registration number 5N-BQM, has arrived the Lagos airport from Abuja Airport via the Kaduna International Airport as part of the test-run of the flights in line with regulatory provision. Besides, another aircraft is waiting to join the fleet as soon as its engines arrive from overseas.

According to a reliable source in the airline, frantic efforts are ongoing by the management to increase the fleet size to three by December to give room for easy connectivity by the passengers during the Christmas and the New Year festivals.

While the Crucial Moment is commending the management for not giving up the passion it is known for judging from the past records, it also welcomes the airline back, hoping that the management has not only learnt from its mistakes but will henceforth ensure it reviews its strategies.

Above all, as the traveling public awaits the resumption of Medview Airlines, the timing for its return is the best as this will go a long way in taking some pressure off the shoulders of the other domestic airlines due to the huge traffic that often comes with passengers traveling across the country to celebrate the Yuletide with their loved ones.

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