We will remain grateful to God for Dogara’s electoral victory ― Aminu Tukur

THE member representing Lere/Bula in the Bauchi State House of Assembly, Muhammad Aminu Tukur has stated that he and his people will remain very grateful to God Almighty and the entire people of Dass/Tafawa/Balewa/Bogoro Federal Constituency for reelecting Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara in the last weekend presidential and National Assembly elections.

Aminu Tukur who is a member of the ruling APC in the state while reacting to the results of the elections in an interaction with Journalists in his house on Monday said that, “This goes to tell the whole world that Yakubu Dogara has been a very peace-loving and down to earth person and he has brought so much development to his constituency at any given circumstance.”

The Lawmaker added that “There were alleged plans by the state government to stop Dogara from returning. Well, we know that mere pronouncements are a kind of commodity of trade of the present Governor of Bauchi State Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar and he has taken the position of God, the sight of God, rather that. He has made himself a demi-god with the capacity to do and undo in his thinking. God has decided to show him that he is nobody. He is just a mere mortal who can be curtailed, tamed and caged. That is just what happened. The pronouncements of the Governor and his aspirations and yearning have been thwarted. And it has been proven to him to get to know that he is not God.”

Speaking further, he said that, “I have been saying it right from time immemorial that I have been with him (Muhammadu Buhari), from the way with my entire family and whoever that listened to me has not voted him and that is just my position. I have never rejected the fact that he is a father to us but he is a father who doesn’t abjudicate between his sons and daughters and so he has fallen short of being a perfect father to the nation and that was why l decided otherwise to do it the other way and I have no regret. I am not saying that I am going to be an impediment to his progress but definitely he hasn’t won with my mandate.”

On what Yakubu Dogara’s victory holds for future elections in Bauchi State he said that “I am telling the whole world that we will still maintain our position. We will do our best to make sure that God in his infinite mercy and will definitely be on our own side and am certainly sure that victory is going to be on the side of the opposition rather than the incumbent.”

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“The beauty of it is the fact that the Governor made several pronouncements that Dogara was nothing but a mere sinking ship now it is the Governor that is a sinking ship because now Dogara is floating, very humble and gentle floating ship. That goes to tell you that Governor Mohammed Abubakar is nobody. He can’t decide the fate of the people of Dass, Tafawa Balewa and Bogoro. We are the one to do it, other than the noble people of that constituency,” the lawmaker opined.

When reminded that one would have expected that as a member of the APC, he will work for the party, he said, “I have insisted that l am a democrat and any party that lacks internal democracy like in the case of APC in Bauchi State is not a place for a politician like me to be in. I am not saying that I have denounced my membership of the APC but I will never vote anybody that has the mandate of the Governor, not the mandate of the electorate and loyal member of the party to preside over at any given level. That is my position. I insist that I will work against the incumbent Governor of Bauchi State to the best of my ability.”

On his impressions about the elections held in Bauchi State, Aminu Tukur said, “I told you once that l have confidence in INEC to do the job but l don’t have confidence in the security agencies during the election proper. Believe me, I don’t have anything to blame INEC for in the conduct of the elections at this material time. There has been a kind of assertion all over the places that those who were initially trained to do the job were not given the opportunity to do it. The Governor decided to change them and unfortunately from that kind of singular and illicit and unpatriotic action we were able to detect that most of the card readers could not be operated properly because none that was given the material could operate the card readers.”

Aminu Tukur further he said, “It goes to tell you that they had wanted it to go their own way because he is in the position of everything and he is in control of the finances of the state, control of security personnel and he has allowed himself to be ridiculed and be defeated. At the end of the day, he is crying. That is foul. It has just proven in the statement by the Governor himself that the people of Bauchi State are very much wise enough and they can handle you in any given circumstance. They can pamper you and wait for you till the very moment they will show you that if you do it well for them you will get the best results but If you do it otherwise they will eject you, no matter how big you are.”

He concluded that “That is exactly what is happening. There is a Hausa adage that says ‘Baki shi take yanke wuya’ that means ‘the sayings of your mouth can result in the cutting of your neck’. The pronouncement has done away with him and I am very sure that his days as Governor of the state are numbered. I am certainly sure he will not be sworn-in as Governor of Bauchi State on May 29 by God’s grace.”