WATCH VIDEO: Man hits girlfriend’s 7-yr-old son 62 times for stealing phone charger

A man has been arrested for child abuse after graphic footage of him beating a seven-year-old child outside his car was reported to police.

Kordarell Williams, 27, is reportedly the boyfriend of the young boy’s mother.

He was seen lashing the child 62 times with a belt on his head, shoulders, and legs during the five minute long attack.

Williams admitted in court to hitting the boy because he stole a phone charger, according to Click 2 Houston.

‘He struck this child 62 times, put him in a headlock and knocked him over on numerous occasions with the blows,’  said Constable Alan Rosen with Harris County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office.

The incident was reported around 5:00pm on Thursday, when it was observed that Williams pulled his car over at all illegal dumping site near his apartment in northwest Houston.

‘He (a witness) saw a vehicle pull up at one of our illegal dumping sites and saw a man get out of a car and take a young child out of the car and proceed to just beat him senselessly,’ he continued.

Police then used the license plate in the video to track down the vehicle.

Williams was arrested within just three hours of the video being reported.

Rosen continued: ‘This is just hard for me to describe. The brutalness of how he beat this child.’

Williams is being detained on a $30,000 and the child is in the custody of child protective services.

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