Wahala Room talks importance of bringing upcoming afrobeat artists to bigger stages

As the Afrobeats music genre continues to thrive within Africa and beyond with top Nigerian music stars including Burnaboy, Wizkid, Davido propagating the new African sound, the music industry seems to be getting more competitive and difficult for up-and-coming artists to get their name out there without any help.

With the introduction of a new digital marketing agency called “Wahala Room”, the platform is set to help musicians reach bigger stages in their careers with more exposure through social media, blogging platforms, interviews and other means of outreach.

In an interactive session with Tribune online in Lagos, Samuel Ogunkoya, Wahala Room’s founder disclosed that he wants his agency “to serve as a bridge between African creatives who are breaking barriers and mainstream audiences.”

According to him, the agency has been created to give afrobeat artistes the platform and tools necessary for major fame and success, adding that as an Afrobeats enthusiast, his dream is to help artistes succeed in any way possible.

The business operates primarily online through digital marketing techniques including social media, blogging platforms, interviews and other strategic forms of outreach.

Tribune online observed that with popular afrobeat stars like Wizkid, Davido and D’Banj already doing well in the industry, it’s difficult for these younger afrobeat musicians to make names for themselves without some help.

But Ogunkoya disclosed that Wahala Room aimed at changing the narrative and giving musicians access to the larger stages they deserve.

“There are hundreds of afrobeat musicians who are trying to get their names out there without any help which makes it harder for these smaller afrobeat artistes because they don’t really know how the industry works or where to begin while bigger afrobeat stars already have an established fan base which makes it easier for them because their name is well known.

Wahala room has come up with a unique marketing formula that will help small afrobeat singers gain success by using social media and creating strategic marketing techniques.

He added that Afrobeat has become a global brand “We want to emphasise Africa by marketing afrobeat through the use of new media such as social media and blogging platforms.”

He also stated that the introduction of the platform will serve as a bridge between afrobeat musicians who are doing well in afrobeat music and mainstream audiences. This agency will give afrobeat singers access to larger stages which are something these smaller afrobeat singers don’t have access to because they lack the tools necessary for success without any help.

“Afrobeats is growing by the day and it’s an exciting time for us all,” said Wahala Room founder Samuel Ogunkoya. “It’s important that afrobeat artists are also given the opportunity to be seen on major publications and blogs so they can have their fair share of exposure.”

“Our marketing formula was carefully crafted to give afrobeat artists the best chance at making it big in afrobeat music,” said Ogunkoya before adding, “It’s important for us to work strategically because afrobeat musicians are competing against each other on a global level.”


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Wahala Room talks importance of bringing upcoming afrobeat artists to bigger stages. Wahala Room talks importance of bringing upcoming afrobeat artists to bigger stages.

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