[VIDEO] Deserted streets of Staten Island, New York

VIDEO: Deserted streets of Staten Island, New York



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Sanusi: Historiography And The Tale Of Two Awe Towns
The recent deposition of Emir Lamido Sanusi II has thrown up many issues both locally within the Kano metropolis and nationally and surely will be a topic for discussion for some time to come. However, my concern in this article is really not the deposition itself but an affiliated issue; the town to which the former emir was… Read full article

“Family, Police Hardly Believe Sexual Assault Victims”
According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), in May 2018, two sisters, six and eight years old, were sexual assaulted by a man in their community in Plateau State. Though the man was arrested and the sisters received help, the sisters are still struggling to get justice, and their lives would probably not remain the same… Read full article

Coronavirus And Sex
I want to know if I can catch the Coronavirus from sex. I am a sex worker and isolating myself will make me go hungry. Please help…. Read full article

30 Minutes Of Music A Day May Reduce Post-Heart Attack Problems
New research has found that listening to 30 minutes of music a day significantly reduces the risk of further heart health problems after a heart attack. A study has found that listening to 30 minutes of music a day can significantly reduce the risk of further heart problems for people who have experienced a heart attack… Read full article

Last Survivor Of Transatlantic Slave Trade Wore Yoruba Hairstyle Throughout Life
The transatlantic slave trade might seem like something from a distant and barbaric era – but a historian has found evidence its last survivor was alive in living memory. Hannah Durkin, at Newcastle University, had previously identified the last surviving slave captured in Africa in the 19th Century and brought to… Read full article

Will Warmer Weather Slow The Spread Of Coronavirus?
Experts say sunlight and heat limit growth and longevity of virus, but observing proper hygiene is more effective. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to cause jitters with cases surging close to 120,000 and deaths nearing 4,300 worldwide as of Wednesday, reports have emerged quoting medical experts… Read full article

Protecting Your Child From COVID-19 Infection
F OR Mrs Kemi Adediran, a mother of three teenagers, ensuring they are safe at home, with schools closed indefinitely across many states in Nigeria because of the COVID 19 pandemic that is ravaging the whole world is a big task. “I had to explain and plead with them to stay at home because of their free days that tally with the… Read full article

Ido (Olowa) Farm Settlement: When Farmers, Community Dwellers, Farm Hands Tackled Cows, Herders •Tell tales of herders’ destruction, poor govt attention
The farmers had personally taken charge of the dislodgement of herds of cattle which had been having a field day in their farms. The farmers under the aegis of Ido (Olowa) Farm Settlers Association contended that the roaming cows seen from afar as they grazed unrestrained were a regular sight and recurring problem in… Read full article

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