UPDATE: New virus infects more than 6,000 in China, other countries

A viral outbreak that began in China has infected more than 6,000 people in the mainland and more than a dozen in other countries.

Some details on cases confirmed as of midday Wednesday in Beijing:

China: 5,974 cases on the mainland. In addition, Hong Kong has eight cases and Macao has five. Nearly all of the 132 deaths have been in central Hubei province, where the illnesses began in December.

Thailand: 14

Taiwan: 8

Singapore: 7

Malaysia: 7

Japan: 6

Australia: 5

United States: 5, 2 in southern California and 1 each in Washington state, Chicago, and Arizona.

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South Korea: 4

France: 4

Germany: 4

Canada: 3

Vietnam: 2

United Arab Emirates: Unspecified number of cases in one family.

Nepal: 1

Cambodia: 1

Sri Lanka: 1


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