Upcoming artistes have better success rate in South Africa than Nigeria – DJ Bamzyriches

Just as there are many music stars who have made names for themselves in the Nigerian music industry there are many more seeking relevance.

For some of them, they need just a song or an opportunity to ‘blow’, like they say in common slang.
While some many eventually blow, many never get to see light of day but for South Africa-based Nigerian DJ, DJ Bamzyriches, born Olaiya Olatunde Abdul-Lateef he got his cue early enough when things were not really working for him in Nigeria.
The fast-rising disc jokey moved to South Africa in  search of a greener pasture and seemed to have found fame.

In less than two years of exploring the Mandiba country as a man behind the wheel of steel, fortune had begun to smile upon him. Something, he believed would have been difficult to achieve in Nigeria.

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Speaking with Tribuneonline in an interview, the DJ said  his decision to move to South Africa was borne out of his determination to fulfill his dreams.

“While in Nigeria it was very difficult for me to chase my dream of becoming a DJ or a singer. To blow in the Nigerian music scene is very difficult. As an upcoming artiste, everyone look down on you and make no move to help but here in South Africa it’s a different game.

“They give you opportunities here. Since I moved here four years ago things have really changed. I have had many opportunities, including travelling to many countries of the world,” he said.
Speaking further, Bamzyriches who has worked with has worked with notable Disc Jockeys in South Africa like DJ Mophorisa, DJ Tira and many others added that he had to relocate to pursue his dreams

“As a DJ I am proud of what I have achieved so far. I plan my own gigs and events all around the world and I have my own car and all equipment to work and explore. These are things not easily achievable in Nigeria. It has been great so far here. I’ve met some DJs here that we worked together and it has been fun…new opportunities everyday, ” he added.

The Ondo State born entertainer relocated to South Africa in 2016 but started life as a professional Disc Jockey in 2018.

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