Unemployment, frustration, corruption cause of #EndSARS protest ― Ortom

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State on Monday said that the #EndSARS protest by youths across the country is a reflection of pains and frustrations of Nigerians in the face of corruption and unemployment.

Ortom stated this during a press conference held at government house, Makurdi on the ongoing #EndSARS protest by youths in the country.

Ortom said that he found it imperative to lend his voice to the raging issue noting that the ongoing #EndSARS protest by youths has raised salient questions that deserve honest answers by leaders.

The governor added that the ongoing #EndSARS protests have challenged leaders at all levels to rise and demonstrate sincerity in tackling the problems of Nigeria.

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While admitting again that Nigeria leaders have failed in all ramifications, Ortom said that the agitation of Nigerians will continue until leaders take right steps to effect positive changes.

Ortom said, “Over the years, we as leaders at all levels have failed to provide the standard of leadership that our country deserves, and until we admit this failure and take steps to effect positive changes, the agitations of the people will continue.

“I must commend the resilience of youths and other Nigerians on their dogged stand during the #EndSARS protests. Their peaceful protests while holding the national flag clearly indicate that Nigerians genuinely want solutions to the myriad of problems confronting them and not to end the country.

“The spontaneous protests reflect the daily pains and frustrations of Nigerians in the face of unemployment, zero economic growth insecurity and corruption. The people justifiably want an end to impunity, police brutality, herdsmen attacks, banditry and other crises bedevilling the country.

“The ongoing #EndSARS protests have offered Nigeria the opportunity to correct decades of wrongs and failures in the system. Our country is practising democracy which guarantees the freedom of speech to all citizens. The people have the constitutional right to voice out their frustrations and demand improved standard of living.

“The restructuring of the country and other views being expressed by the people are patriotic calls and should be treated as such. Nigerians want to see police reforms and other measures that can make their country greater.

“The people want respect for the rule of law in this country. The people want an end to the practice of sacred cows which makes some persons untouchable and superior to others.

The governor, however, encouraged the protesters to remain peaceful and civil in their approach and resist the temptation to be violent, saying, “violence does no one any good and it does not proffer solutions to problems.”


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