Unemployment: Dukiya Investment to train young Nigerians in real estate

Following the news that the unemployment rate in Nigeria has become unpalatable, the duo of Lukman Shobowale, Co-founder and Bayo Lawal, Head of Business Development, Dukiya Investment have decided it was high time they exposed youths and hardworking Nigerians to trail the path of housing and management.

In a statement released by these frontiers in real estate, they confirmed that they were successful managers and would in turn teach young ones to be capable of making a livelihood for themselves.

Shobowale said, “as a high impact real estate broker in the last couple of years, I have successfully managed some of the Nation’s most prestigious luxury homes, ranking in the top property sales across Nigeria. Within the last decade, the company has consistently advanced in real estate.

The company, while also training young people to embrace real estate as a full time career advocates keenly on protecting clients’ interest and being savvy in client-focused negotiations as many people have lost their integrity in the nation.

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Bayo Lawal Co-founder Dukiya investment on the other hand notes himself as ” best realtor at helping people getting their dream property”.

Lawal said: “I recognise and value the trust as a realtor and this is what we want to invest in young ones too”.

” My synergy with other team members, our peculiar skill sets have produced tremendous results across all boards. it is this track of excellence they we leveraging on to birth a client based real estate solution which is the ‘Dukiya investment’.

While also speaking with newsmen, they said the proliferation of real estate in Nigeria has placed a compelling demand on innovation and competence and being delicate industry, they believe themselves to be the faces behind real estate displayed with integrity that is required of the players, and in turn train young ones to be like that that”.

“For several years we have been in this career path and we are bringing our business strategies and negotiating expertise to solve problems of housing and management in Nigeria”, Lawal noted.

He concluded that want young people should be developed in that way also so they could fend for themselves.


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