Unemployment: CIPM to collaborate with institutions towards closing skills gap

The newly appointed Registrar/Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), Busola Alofe has stated the management’s readiness to working with Institutions in order to close the skills gap in the country.

Busola expressed optimism at the effectiveness of the partnership approach in reducing the unemployment situation in the country.

The CEO stated this during the press briefing held yesterday in Lagos.

“Of course, we understand the unemployment situation in the country is alarming and projected to trend around 32 per cent in 2020.

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“Understanding the root cause of this precarious situation that the country is facing very important and through the research made by this revered Institute, there is an emphasis on the skills gap.

“Graduates are not taught in alignment with the industry demands and this gives room to inefficiency and inefficacy.

“CIPM is understanding the root cause of the unemployment situation; hence, collaborating with other institutions to close the skills gap in the country.

“We recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Ibadan in order to ensure that the curriculum aligns with the best practices” Alofe noted.

She noted that organisations should develop their people by skilling them up; hence, they find meaning in their various endeavours.

“Organisations should develop its people. If they are skilled up, they would find meaning to whatever they are doing.

“The work environment is instrumental to the effective and efficient output of workers and that is why organisations must ensure to provide an enabling environment” She noted.

Busola Alofe has 28 years plus extensive experience in human management, with the knowledge of global best practices.

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