Umahi blasts Ngige over minimum wage, says N30,000 not enough

UmahiCHAIRMAN South East Governors forum and Governor Ebonyi State, David Umahi, has condemned in totality the statement made by the Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige, over the minimum wage, saying N30,000 is not enough for a family of four.
Governor Umahi, who asked the Minister how much he recharges his phone, advocated for a review of the sharing formula with transparency, accountability. He added that it will help to put all the resources together for the benefit of the workers and other arms of government.
“It is my desire as the leader of this state to improve on the welfare of workers, but something must be done at the centre. Every right thinking man will support the workers.
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“I have even said that N30,000 is not enough and somebody at the national said N30,000 is enough for a family of four. I ask the person how much do you recharge your phone? To enable states to take care of workers at all level, we advocate the review of the sharing formula and get NNPC to be transparent and accountable. This will help quite a lot because we believe that if we are to put all the resources in a very transparent manner, together, we will be able to take care of workers including all the arms of government.”
Umahi further recommended for the federal government through the federal account to do the deduction both for the judiciary and House of Assemblies of the states and national.
“What is happening in this country is like taking a water and pour inside a basket, and praying to God for it to stay, it will not. The balance of injustice is for the leaders of this state to stay together and say anything we get, we give workers, judiciary, the House of Assembly, Education, Health, Infrastructure etc… that is the only way we can attain the level of honesty and seriousness.

Meanwhile, the Chief Judge of Ebonyi State, Justice Alloy Nwankwo at the weekend has lamented that the country will be totally doomed if the Nigerian Judiciary gets corrupt.

He said: “It is no exaggeration that a nation is doomed on earth, if its seat of justice is corrupted, there would be no safety for the lowly on the short run nor for the high and mighty on the long run. Therefore, it is of interest to every citizen to protect the judiciary from the moral misfits that are ravaging this society.

“We in Ebonyi State judiciary has assured the Chief justice of Nigeria of our determination not to let the Nigerian judiciary down in its efforts to rid itself of certain questionable judicial officials.

“To this end, Ebonyi State judiciary will continue to accord zero tolerance to any act of corruption aimed at making justice a commercial commodity.

Nwankwo also applauded President Muhammadu Buhari for deeming it wise to give his assent on the financial autonomy of states judiciary and the house of Assemblies.

“We commend President Buhari for deeming it wise to give his assent on the financial autonomy of states judiciary and the House of Assembly.

“The judiciary will remain a dependable ally in all its match to greatness as a state and the country. We are determined to do all that is necessary to ensure that the society remains and abide by the rule of law,” Umahi stated.

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