Ukpo Oka: A special delicacy from Eastern Nigeria

UKPO Oka is an African Nigerian meal which is peculiar to the people of Eastern Nigeria. This is a corn pudding  with various names such as Corn Moi-moi, Nni Oka, Igbankwu Oka, Ekoki, Ukpo Oka or Sapala. It is a native meal of the legion local delicacies and it is usually served during traditional engagements and other events. It is a creamy food product prepared from stewed corn, water and optional additional texturing ingredients.



Fresh corn

Big crayfish or prawn

Fresh pepper

Palm oil

Egg [cooked diced egg]

Fresh per boiled  fish







Blend your pepper, onion, small crayfish to a smooth paste

Peel off the husk of corn and remove all strands

Use a sharp knife to slice the seeds from the corn

Blend the corn and it should have a very rough texture and feel after blending.

Transfer to a container after blending and stir with a spatula for about five minutes

Add the washed prawns, diced cooked egg, pieces of fresh pour boiled fish, seasoning, salt, palm oil and stir further till all the oil is well incorporated

Add water if too tick

Wrap in leaf or put in a nylon

Steam on high heat for about one hour to one hour thirty minutes.

When the content of the leaf or nylon becomes solid then your meal is ready.  to eat.

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