UK election 2017: ‘Theresa May, a must mandate UK Prime Minister’


THERESA May, a must mandate UK Prime Minister for 2017, British and commonwealth citizens cast your votes – her knowledgeable, Professor Alexia Thomas pronounces

As the election of eight of June 2017 draws closer, barely six weeks to voting, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas calls every Citizens of the United Kingdom, every Citizens of the Commonwealth Nations and all British political parties to stand at ease and give their votes to the one and only Theresa May that she will, she must and she would be British Prime Minister for 2017.

History is about to be made as United Kingdom takes back her Sovereignty. The United Kingdom is the world, United Kingdom is the Globe, United Kingdom is the giant and the hunk that brought Civilisation Cradle to the entire world in generality.

Theresa May triggered Article 50 and this is no time to make mockery of the British politics. She must finish what she has started and political hindrances cannot jeopardise the will of the British people. She has started well and she must end it with all tempestuousness.

The Election slated for June 8 2017, whoever has commune it to push the British People to go into the Ballot is a Disdain Act to put British Politics into Mockery. The European Union (EU) are shanks because they live by the strength of the British People, the British Power, the British Economy and the British Industrialisation.

We as United Kingdom, her People, her Citizens, the Government and its VERITAS of Authority, we must not allow our Statute of Authority to be imprisoned by the EU monstrous illusion of Hypocritical Theory that without them we cannot exist as a Nation.

I Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas say to my people of the United Kingdom, we will exist without the EU. They will and must be subjected to our authority because we made them who they are after the second World War.

On this occasion, going by the list of Candidates aligned for the Election of June 8, 2017, Theresa May is the best Candidate, the Greatest and the Mightiest and I therefore command every other Candidate to step down and do not match her for a Competition, because she has been chosen and ordained to lead the British People in their quest to take Authority as the Head of the World.

On this occasion, I Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Salute Theresa May’s Courage as a Tempestuous Woman who has so much Sagacity, Power, Authority that in no connotation I Pronounce that the Identity of the Woman Theresa May, that she may be as Feeble as a Woman, she is one woman that could match 1 Million Men.

I, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas say to my British People, fear not. I say unto you, give your votes to Theresa May and you shall have no cause to be alarmed.

I, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas have spoken as an Oracle, as a Messenger of Truth, the Goddess of Love and the Defender of the Universe, that on this occasion that the World is at War testing their nuclear powers with likes of President Donald Trump of America, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia and Kim Jun-Un the Leader of North Korea, there is no other person that could match the game of chess than the one and only English Goddess Prime Minister Theresa May.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s involvement in politics is not by mistake, but it has been carefully ordained by divinity for the British War of the Battle of Armageddon, as history the Myth of the Future declares her to hold the Baton of Authority and reclaim British Authority and Sovereignty as a Free People and uphold their voice in ponderosity.

Prime Minister Theresa May is the Eagle to bring back the Glory and Honour to keep the continuous existence of the British Monarchy as it is willed in the Authorities of the Divine Rights of the Kings. Theresa May must win and must be UK Prime Minister. She must win for the United Kingdom to live and rise again.

There shall be no ‘Political Cajole Of Malice, There Shall Be No Political Jeopardy, There Shall Be No Political Hindrances, There Shall Be No Political Menaces, There Shall Be No Junta Politics, There Shall Be No Rivalry Hunt Fierce’. Any attempt to deny her Willful Authority to climb British Leadership of Prime Ministership 2017, failure to appraise her will see the destruction of the United Kingdom.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader is too old, weak because he lacks the British Political Mythology most especially of the Elizabethan era of the 15th Century, the reason he cried like a baby when Britain got their hallmark to leave the European Union.

Theresa May has the Political will and Political sagacity to dictate the Pace between Russia, America and European Union. She has a Ponderous Will and she is not a feather. She can malign the Brass or Centre-Brass of any Political figure in the world.


She is best known for her Prindle Policies that dictate the Pace. At times, Men can be governed by enforcement of Authority. No leader is Mad, at times she finds herself in a Position where strict decisions have to be taken, that doesn’t make her a Tyrant or does it make her Wicked or Mad. No! No! No! A Bad leader of Yesterday could be a good Leader Today, depending on her Advisory Council.

Press Release By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas – Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party and Chieftain of The Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission.

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