UK based group lauds Buhari on Emefiele’s appointment

A United Kingdom-based group, Arise-Nigeria, has commended President Muhammadu Buhari over his reappointment of Godwin Emefiele as Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Governor.

Arise Nigeria said President Buhari has cemented the broken conscience of our society to remain united with Emefiele’s re-appointment.

According to a statement jointly signed by its President Philip Idaewor and Secretary, Charles Eze, the group averred that Buhari is no doubt consolidating on milestones on economy and security to build a giant and stronger Nigeria.

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The statement said Emefiele’s reappointment has no doubt silenced critics of the Buhari-led administration.

The statement reads below;

President Muhammadu Buhari has pleasantly surprised Nigerians and his critics, particularly the anti-Buhari campaigners with the reappointment of Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr Godwin Emefiele for another term of five years.

I dare say, in the history of Nigeria’s apex bank, Emefiele has set the record as the first head of CBN  to have his appointment renewed after the expiration of his statutory first tenure since the country returned to democracy in 1999. It is an exciting achievement and a loud statement about his proficiency on the job.

But equally very important, the decision to retain Emefiele as CBN Governor has portrayed President Buhari as an impartial and neutral leader, who is only interested and indeed, recognises merit and hard work in his appointments rather than sentiments. His action has shamed and silenced his critics who mendaciously propagate and ascribe his leadership persona as influenced by sectional, tribalistic and religious biases.

The singular action is an apt demonstration by the President that as a leader of Nigeria, he  is  only infatuated with the idea of performing and patriotic Nigerians, regardless of which part of the country they hail from insofar as they have shown the capacity to assist truthfully and honestly in bulldozing Nigeria on the path of peace and prosperity.

It gladdens our heart that Mr President’s action has cemented the broken conscience of our nation. And it has pricked our conscience and challenged us to reciprocate it by remaining united in commonality for the peace, progress and development of our country.

The re-appointment of Mr Godwin Emefiele as the  CBN Governor shows how much Mr President intends to see the fast growth of  Nigeria’s economy in the post-recession era and the sustenance of its stability; just as much as he craves to put the security of the nation uppermost on his agenda.

We are particularly delighted about the quality of men and women Mr President has appointed in some very critical sectors of our national life, especially the economy and in the security sectors. He has carefully selected them to supervise and deliver on his key promises to the nation and the rest of the world.

And these competent, tested and trusted Nigerians have neither disappointed the President nor Nigerians with their laudably significant impacts in these areas despite daunting and crippling challenges. We salute his foresightedness and wisdom.

Nonetheless, we wish to candidly advise Mr President to sustain this legacy, as he commences the journey of nation-building in the #NextLevel by retaining performing and hard-working members of his team who understand and can effectively apply his vision for the absolute and speedy regeneration of Nigeria.

President Buhari should overlook distractive preachments and antagonisms especially from regional, ethnic and religious bigots and warlords while retaining performers and drivers of strategic units particularly in focal areas such as the security and the war against insurgency.

We find it germane to remind Mr President that Nigerians have translucent trust in him and we believe in his ability to deliver us from the nation’s current afflictions. These are the reasons we supported, assiduously worked and had him reelected for a second term.

Therefore, this is not the time to patronise interest or pressures groups or persons with underserving appointments as Nigerians would hold him alone responsible for any failure in the quest to fully recover and reclaim our country from the hands of retrogressive and destroyers of our common destiny.

The actions, utterances and policies of Mr President so far have amply confirmed to us that he is a leader who is properly armed for the task before him. And despite the enormity of the assailing problems, he is unperturbed and determined to make a difference and berth the needed change in our national life.

There is also no doubt that for the first time in the history of our country, we now have a genuine people’s President for the Federal Republic of Nigeria since Independence in 1960. It accounts for the massive masses’ support of his Presidency.

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He should, therefore, not flinch, but remain steadfast on this mission and crush any hindrance to his success.  Nigerians have resolved that their country must be rescued from reprobates at all cost with him as the Chief Armour bearer.

Finally, we seize this rare privilege to congratulate Mr President on his overwhelming victory in the 2019 presidential elections. We pray God to imbue him with the necessary strength, good health and wisdom to perfectly pilot the affairs of Nigeria in the #Nextlevel.

We also congratulate Mr Godwin Emefiele on his reappointment as CBN boss. He remains a shining example and we pray other Nigerians entrusted with public responsibilities to emulate Emefiele’s disposition of hard work and patriotism in order to propel Nigeria to the #NextLevel very resoundingly.

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