Two police officers burnt to death in Ibadan

•As Gov Makinde visits scene speaks with aggrieved boys

Two police officers were burnt to death at Iwo road, Ibadan, on Thursday, in a clash involving “boys” in the area and the police.

The razing of the police officers at Abayomi area in Iwo road was a reprisal by the boys who chased and caught up with the policemen for hitting one of the boys who was on a bike.

The boys razed the policemen as well as the car that they drove in.

Not done with the killing of the policemen, the aggrieved boys moved to burn down the Police Area Command, Testing Ground, Idi-Ape, only to be repelled by anti-riot policemen who created a formation in front of the police command.

For several hours, Iwo Road was a no-go-area with police sporadically firing gunshots to repel the boys who were hell-bent on attacking more policemen and the Testing Ground police command.

The men of the state Joint Security Task Force known Operation Burst also intervened to push back the resolute boys while they also rescued a policeman from mob attack.

Speaking with Tribune Online close to where the officers were burnt, one of the boys named Moruf lamented the usual frustration they faced with men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) who usually collected their phones and extorted money from them.

While stating that the boys do not want the sight of policemen anymore, he also expressed frustration at the high cost of living in the country.

The visit of Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state to the volatile scene, however, helped calm frayed nerves of the boys.

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Speaking with the aggrieved boys, Makinde promised to speak with the Commissioner of Police, Joe Nwachukwu to speak with his men to be off the streets.

He, however, urged the boys not to destroy properties, remain calm and not put their lives in any form of danger.

“Life is life. My life is not more than yours. God owns our life. I do not want any life to be in danger. I will meet with the Commissioner of Police but in the meantime, don’t allow the protest to be hijacked. Don’t destroy any property.

“My people will be nearby and anyone with complaints of something lost should report to them so we will take account,” Makinde said.


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