TWINWash dance contest: LG rewards winners with LG products, cash Prizes

LG Electronics over the weekend held the TWINWash Dance Contest as the top 10 finalists of the social media competition battled one another for the big prizes; LG TWINWash and N500,000 for the 1st place winners, G+ Washing Machine for the 2nd place winners and Front Load Washing Machine for the 3rd place winners in Lagos.

According to Mr Jiung Park, General Manager, Home Appliance Division, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, the contest is to enhance awareness for LG TWINWash Washing machine through a Dance Contest and to generate consumers’ interest towards the product by showcasing its unique benefits to consumers through Dance contest.

“Life’s Good with LG. We are not only committed to innovation for a better life or telling our brand stories but we also create beautiful experiences that would excite our customers through campaigns like the LG TWINWash Dance Contest.

“Life’s about more than having the latest electronics. It’s about the experiences technology creates. LG’s vision is to deliver innovative digital products and services that make your life better, easier and more comfortable. From TVs to home appliances and computer products, LG Nigeria delivers consumer electronics that let you embrace life and prepare you for its greatest moments”,  Park added.

The company’s TWINWash Dance Contest consisted of five simple routines, each symbolising a different feature of LG TWINWash; Separate Wash, Delicate Wash, Simultaneous Wash, Big Capacity, and TWIN Wash.

The fun, easy-to-follow dance encouraged maximum consumer participation and drew a clear parallel between the even and the LG TWINWash – a washing machine that keeps on running. The reach of the campaign was further expanded with many of the challenge participants actively sharing videos across social media.

In his remark, Mr Hari Elluru, Head of Corporate Marketing Division, LG Electronics West Africa Operations also added that, “doing laundry has never been fun, but now it’s more practical, efficient and time saving with LG TWINWash. This is what we try to replicate with this dance contest.”

Speaking at the occasion, the winners of the contest, Calisus and Peter Uzodinma of the I AM FLY group, the brothers expressed their deepest gratitude to LG Electronics for giving them such a platform to express their innate ability.

“This is about the only contest we have participated in since we started our career in dance that thought us synergy, connectivity, precision and determination for success. We were deliberate about our performance as the brief we got from LG was very clear as regards how their brand could connect with the users and that was what we brought to bear during the performance that gave us the win. We will like to do this again,” Peter added.

The light-hearted and amusing campaign brought LG closer to consumers who have a zest for life.

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