Transportation channels for agricultural business

Small holder farmers are the most affected by poor transportation system from the interiors to urban centres, especially when they have to move agricultural produce; and this has affected all agricultural goods leading to high cost of produce, deteriorating quality of perishable products like vegetable and livestock as well as low profit margin.

An average man cannot get fresh agricultural produce and there is insufficiency of food in the society. This is because at present, there are no agricultural transport systems in the country.

An individual and the private sector can invest and make money in this sector as there are high demands for an effective agricultural transportation system across the country.

It is high time the government began to work out plans to ensure that the small holder farmers are able to transport their agricultural products easily and effectively.

Also, small holder farmers are currently in a fix as to what the present government has for them. The plan the government has for them should be communicated to them.

It is high time the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development put in place strategic plans for the small holder farmers in the country and communicate such to them.

Michael Adedotun Oke,

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