Three reasons I appreciate #TribunePlatinumAwards conferred on me ― Ajimobi

The Former Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, has given three reasons why he appreciated and held in high esteem the Platinum Award conferred on him by the Nigerian Tribune Newspapers.

Ajimobi said that he appreciated the fact that he is being recognized despite the cliche that Nigerian politicians are seen as mischievous, deceitful and untruthful and not even taking into consideration that he had left the office and has no advert to give to the Media house.

The Former Governor noted that the Media House shares the same birth month with him to the extent that he was born a week after the birth of the papers.

Ajimobi described himself as the major beneficiary of the performance of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, recalling that he was the longest tenant in the office built by him in Oyo state.

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“I am particularly excited to receive this award conferred on me for three reasons.

“One is that in a country where politicians are seen as mischievous, deceitful and untruthful and The Nigerian Tribune Newspapers still deem it fit to honour me even after I had left the office, I will forever be grateful.

“Two is that the Nigerian Tribune Newspapers and I have one thing in common which is that the National Newspapers is one-week older than me.

“While The Nigerian Tribune Newspapers celebrates its birthday a week, I always celebrate mine a week after.

“Three is that I am a major beneficiary of the late sage performance, in the sense that, I was the longest tenant in the building he built in Ibadan.

Ajimobi recalled that his father used to tell him the words of knowledge the late Obafemi Awolowo shared with him.

Ajimobi noted that his father told him that Awolowo said it is important for a leader to be a change agent, having in mind that the leader would be abused but should still uphold the ethics of good behaviour regardless.

He concluded with the words of Winston Churchill, “We do not know whether things will improve when we change. But things must improve when we change.”

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