The Rise and Rise of Tffniez Couture

No doubt, the Nigerian fashion industry is blossoming and this is one sector that is capable of replacing oil as Nigeria’s major revenue. In the last few years, the Nigerian fashion scene has witnessed the influx of some really gifted designers making waves with different jaw-dropping designs.

One of such talented designers making waves with her designs right now is no one but one of Nigeria’s epitome of beauty and brain, Titilayo Ajidagba the magic wand behind Tffniez Couture. Titilayo’s Tffniez couture established in 2009 has quickly climbed the ladder become one of Nigeria’s favourite fashion labels.
Titilayo Ajidagba, whose creativity has earned her accolades from far and near grew in a family of fashionistas. Her mother was a reputable fabric and accessories mogul and her older sister was also a gifted designer.
Expectedly, her fashion background rubbed off on her and while she was studying in London, Titilayo was her sister model and retailer where she helped put her designs in the global spotlight. After her successful educational pursuits, the Tffniez couture boss tried her luck in the event management industry for a couple of years before her eventual relocation to Nigeria. Since her arrival in 2018, Titilayo teamed up with some of the best talents in the business and had a fruitful training at a prestigious fashion school in Nigeria. The rest, as they say, is history. Titilayo has quickly learned the ropes and her creative, lively and colourful designs with traditional West African fabrics, not only stands her out from the rest but has her a premium spot in the rankings of Nigerian fashion designers.

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