The power of reading books (I)

Life is dynamic – things are changing fast and knowledge is being added to life to at an alarming rate. If care is not taken one will be left behind and swept off one’s feet by the new things that are happening. We must be alert and open minded to receiving information. To stay relevant we need to power our mind with right information and we cannot overemphasize the importance of reading  books in our bid to have an equipped mind. Reading is a critical tool to help us make our lives count.

A man who doesn’t read will soon be out of date and completely irrelevant in his chosen field. We must not fall into the danger of thinking that reading ends when we finish school. Reading is a lifelong endeavour – we should never graduate from the school of reading.

“Many people do not realize the power in a book. This is the power of the written word. Due to this lack of awareness, many of us have not read a non-fiction book since leaving school or university. Unfortunately, however, I hate to break to you that one of the secrets of developing yourself is that whatever answer to a problem that you are looking for, it is in a book somewhere that you have been unwilling to track down and read!

A book, especially a non-fiction book, exists to take a singular, contained set of wisdom or ideas out of the head of the author and share it with readers. Plainly put, a book is a medium of transfer for knowledge, wisdom, or ideas. That is the purpose it serves.” Rick Matsokotere

We must not be careful not to abandon reading or just engage in idling away in frivolous reading but we must use reading as a tool to better ourselves.

“When was the last time you read a book, or a substantial magazine article? Do your daily reading habits center around tweets, Facebook updates, or the directions on your instant oatmeal packet?

If you’re one of countless people who don’t make a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out.” Catherine Winter

As long as we are alive we must see reading as a necessary thing to do but this will only happen if we know the value and importance of reading.

Books form a veritable source of providing us with knowledge and understanding. Reading the right books will open us up to acquiring requisite knowledge needed for enhancing and effectively executing our life purpose.

“People have always received life-guiding wisdom from certain types of nonfiction, often from “self-help” books. But all sorts of books can carry this kind of wisdom; a random sentence in a thriller will give me unexpected insight. In fact, novels and works of narrative nonfiction can do something extraordinary that most self-help books can’t: They can increase our capacity for empathy by engaging our imagination as they introduce us to new perspectives.