The little things that mean a lot to me

You must have heard the statement: ‘It is the little things that matter,’ a lot of times, especially if you are in a romantic relationship or around those who are in one. This week on WhatsApp Conversation, we are testing the credibility of the statement. Our respondents share the little things their partners do for them that mean a lot to them. Here are their responses: 


Adenike John

He does my laundry whenever we get to be together, might seem little but it’s a big one for me. He says nice words to me daily. He randomly says “I love you” to me throughout the day. It just makes me have peace of mind. When your partner kisses you on the forehead. It is magical like you feel protected.


Denny Ayala

People say the little things matter and this is true to a large extent. These things for a lot of people would include calling, for some others it could be gifts and giving attention to your partner. But for me, I think the little things should include listening to your spouse and being open-minded.


Oreoluwa Afolabi

I am a remote creative and my line of work means that I can stay at home for a stretch while working with teams from across the world. One of the things my husband  normally do to lighten the situation was to take me out on interesting dates that enriched my experience and preserve me from cabin fever. He does this very often too.


Nancy Jonah

My boyfriend randomly sends me good morning and good night messages. I absolutely love it! My love language is words of affirmation and these messages just get me in the right frame to start the day.


Cynthia Ekwere

Whenever I am discussing the things I adore – like maybe a dress on Jumia or a pair of earrings – he would usually tell me to discuss it. We could look over the product and when I ask him for the verdict, he might say it is ugly and he feels there is something better I can buy. He knows enough that I won’t buy it. He then goes ahead to buy it and present it to me as a surprise. The trick has worked on me more than once and I absolutely love the surprise too.  He knows I can afford the items, he just decides to buy them to show how much he cares.


Alice Oni

Whenever he meets me, the first thing he does is to kiss my forehead before the cheeks and then the lips. It has always been his custom. I particularly love being kissed on the forehead more than cheeks or lips. It gives me a sense of being a ‘little baby and ‘protected’. He is way taller than me and bending just to kiss me is a sight I live for and when he does it, I feel like climbing on him and hugging him back, I feel like his baby at that time.


Fadele Adeyinka

My girlfriend has come to understand my family and it is magnificent to see that. She makes all kinds of efforts to reach out to them and interact, even when I am not around. I am really close with my family and having a relationship with them is so important to me. She not only understands this but has taken it upon herself to participate in their lives while encouraging me to spend and share my time with them as well. I try as much as possible to replicate the good deeds. It seems little but it is a whole lot.


Leaving me to have my ice cream in peace. Calling twice and sending a short text if I am unavailable knowing that I will try to reach her back.  Sharing my food and not giving me the look to give her everything. These matters, they are the little things and they mean everything.


Eunice Ajetumobi

I have never felt locked out of any part of his life even though we started dating not so long ago. My favourite thing is when I am around a group of his friends and within seconds, he introduces me. He is so proud of me and that is something I am proud of.  And if the conversation ever goes on too long in a direction I cannot contribute to, he will grab my hand or give me a smile that says, ‘You belong here.’


Olamide Obabiolorunosi

As weird as it may sound, one of the things she does that I absolutely love is that she wears what I suggest, even when it is off the hook. I once mentioned casually that she looked nice in a black outfit and the next time we went out; she had a black outfit on. She did look really nice.

Next week’s topic will be particularly interesting, it borders on popular culture. The question is: If you could be any character in a movie or book, who would you be? And why? To be part of the next edition, send your response to 08136601345 via WhatsApp or SMS.


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