“The labour of our heroes past…”

In spite of all that Nigeria has been experiencing in the past days, the truth is that it does not change our nationality as Nigerians. Some students of MEDMINA COLLEGE, Iyana Ajia, Egbeda, Ibadan, speak about the lines that inspire them in the National Anthem and Pledge

Abdallah Ahmad Abdullahi, JSS 3, 13 yrs old.

The 5th line of the first stanza in the National Anthem, “The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain” emphasises on our late patriotic heroes that saved the country from the British/colonial masters. They did most of the work but today at 60 years, the labours of those heroes are vanishing. I pray and hope that the present administration ensure that labour would never be in vain. May we sight the development we pray for in Nigeria.

Hameedah Akano, SSS 1, 14 yrs old

I am inspired by this line “I pledge to Nigeria, my country to be faithful, loyal and honest….” As a citizen, we have made an oath of allegiance but that seems to be a lie. In order to save our nationalists’ efforts, we need to stay together as one, not divided. In times like this in Nigeria, every citizen should be responded to fairly to end police brutality and corruption of any kind since we have pledged to be faithful.

Fatiya Yahya, SSS 3, 15 yrs old

The current crisis in Nigeria arose from the failure of the leaders to defend the unity of country and the citizens took laws into their hands. To ensure our safety and to ‘defend her unity,’ Nigerians must ignite the fire to combat all forms of threats even if the threats are the leaders. I believe that Nigeria will be one again for the lion in her was asleep before but has now been awaken. We shall indeed ‘defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory. ’ So help us God.

Abubakar Umar Farouk,  SSS 3, 17 yrs old

History has taught us about the struggles of our heroes, the great leaders who fought hard for our freedom to be on our own as a nation. It saddens the hearts of citizens that those things fought for by our past heroes are being abused by our leaders.  But as patriotic citizens, it is not too late and we shall strive to have that complete freedom promised by our past leaders as see in the line “One nation bound in freedom.”

Farida Akanni, SSS 3, 15 yrs old

It is the line in the National Pledge of Nigeria that states “To be faithful, loyal and honest.” Being faithful is not just by saying it, you have to show it in your actions. If we have people who are faithful, honest and loyal in Nigeria, then the country will be a better place. To live a life of honesty and integrity is a responsibility of every decent Nigeria. As Nigerians, let us remain honest and this will help reduce doubt, misunderstanding and fear in our society. With patience, we shall overcome the present challenge.

Sofiyyah  Akeem-Lasisi, SS S1

The last line of the National Anthem, “Peace and Unity,” inspires me most. With the situation of Nigeria, there is no peace and unity. The peaceful ‘End SARS’ protest is in best interest of all but unfortunately, has resulted to killings, curfew  and schools that just resumed from  “Coronavirus’  break being closed down again. For Nigeria to work for all, both citizens and government, must work hand-in hand and make use of every word in the national Anthem and Pledge for the development of a better country.

Aisha Ibrahim Abba, SSS1, 14 yrs old

I am inspired by this line “The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain,” because it informs me that about our past heroes who were there to fight for Nigeria’s sovereignty until we got our right; thanks to them for their loyalty, towards Nigeria, her independence, peaceful coexistence among diverse tribes and religions. Nigeria can be peaceful and united but there are some citizens who are trying to break the peace as seen in the ongoing protest. Our leaders should discuss our problems and find solutions to them. Let us all keep the labour of our heroes past by maintaining peace and unity.

Ibrahim Aliyu Zhikrullah, SSS 3, 16 yrs old

We always say ‘Peace and Unity’ in our National Anthem but where is the peace? The peace had been neglected while the unity had been weakened. I am inspired by this line because it connotes the the peace and unity we should have enjoy as a country. There is no feeling as sweet as  peace and it is our collective responsibility to peacefully settle conflicts through dialogue. We must not allow our differences to ruin our peaceful coexistence.


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