The hordes of horror on the streets

SHOW me a President who loves his country, has the safety of his people at heart, cares about the physical, emotional, financial, psychological, mental wellbeing of his citizens, and I will show you a President that is missing in all of these, I will show you a President that is dead yet alive, a walking corpse in his flowing babariga, I will show you the mistake a nation made when they cast their votes in 2015. The paroxysm of youth all over the country is no child’s play as they have been silent long enough, suffering in silence and striving so hard to survive in an atmosphere that has no regard whether they live or die. FSARS questioning young ones on how they are able to look good, dress nice, question why they lock their hairs, tint or have  tattoos on, afford big phones and ride nice cars, believing they are into cybercrime. How they take human lives and go scot free is something that needs to be checked and corrected. When youths encounter them on the roads, they are the harbinger of all that is evil and the youths are not sure whether that day would be their last.

It irks me to see some people say the protest on the streets of Nigeria today is an agitation of some lazy youths who are into cybercrime and what have you. Shall I bring to your memory how your trusted leaders have landed us in this mess we are in, how the rise in cybercrime came as a result of unemployment. Many youths have taken to the internet as a source of employment to feed themselves and survive: shall I bring to your dull memories that the police that we were told are our friends exhorts us, collect bribes, rape, kill and use power dangerously. The harsh reality is that bad governance has brought us to this point thus far, corruption and embezzlement of funds by supposed representatives appointed to serve us. No wonder the youths has been left to incur the debts of the country at large, with no hope of getting out of it anytime soon.

The killing of youths by the maniacs called FSARS can be said to be of that a rabid dog that has been set loose by the government. They go on rampage against innocent youths without being checked. FSARS has been disbanded four times only for them to rise like a phoenix and become more and more dangerous. If truly they were dissolved, how come we still battle against them? We can say the purpose for creating FSARS is to check the menace of armed robbery and other related crimes, but which kain song we wan sing to this gbedu when these maniacs have become an overnight nightmere to the country? There is this Yoruba adage says “ti aja ba n sinwni, o n ma moju o lowo e”. Why can’t they extort money from the people that employed them, arrest them for public funds embezzlements and kill them for bad governance? The irony of the whole thing is ‘ese ole lo mole to’ (na thief sabi follow the path of another thief). I watched online videos made by youths during the protest, videos of youths that have lost their lives to the cause of this protest and I said to myself, these are heros of our times. I see maniacs on the streets, I  see cowards facing harmless youths, simply crying out to their governments to change the course of events in this country, how fair is it to fight without guns and ammunition?

I see these madmen roaming the streets of Nigeria free without being brought to book. Little wonder then that our senators are deaf and dumb at a time like this: all they know is to sit down and pass bills that will fatten their pockets. Power has so much been abused in this country that it would be correct to say we are under a dictatorial system of government where the masses have no voice to fight for their lives. They are being oppressed daily, waking up in a frustrated country with no hope of a better tomorrow. This protest is more than just a cry to end SARS, it is a cry for revolution, a cry for all these old men hiding behind the facade of coming to serve us to go to hell and let fresh minds to take over the reigns of leadership. This is a call for things to take a new turn, if you don’t know, the country is at war, and things are going to get messier. Many of us will not live long enough to see the change in Nigeria, but we can always rewrite our stories by the bold step we take today.


  • Otemade is on the staff of Nigerian Tribune






ICYMI: Presidential Panel On Police Reforms Agrees To Meet All Demands By #EndSARS Protesters

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, has convened a meeting with stakeholders and has agreed to meet all demands raised by the #EndSARS protesters, which include halting use of force against protesters and unconditional release of arrested citizens.

ICYMI: Lagos To Compensate Victims Of #EndSARS Protest With N200m ― Sanwo-Olu

Lagos State governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has said the state government has earmarked N200million as compensation for families of victims of #EndSars protest.

ICYMI: I Was A Victim Of SARS Brutality Twice, Oyo Deputy Gov Tells Protesters

Oyo State deputy governor, Mr Rauf Olaniyan revealed that members of the Nigerian Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) have attacked him twice.

ICYMI: #EndSARS: Protesters Block Oyo Secretariat Main Gates (SEE VIDEO)

#ENDSARS protesters, on Tuesday, blocked the main gates leading to Oyo State government secretariat, demanding the total end to Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), saying no reformation of the disbanded police units should be carried in the Nigeria Police Force.

ICYMI: Buhari Nominates Lauretta Onochie, Three Others As INEC Commissioners

President Muhammadu Buhari has nominated his Special Assistant on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie and three others as National Commissioners of the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC).

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