The buyers and how they feel

Selling is a means to an end, it is not an end in itself. This is why there are always two parties to it – the seller and the buyer. Last week, we heard from the sellers as they tell why they always upload a lot of pictures showing their product on their status. This week, we consider the other party, the buyers. The everyday viewers who bear the brunt of these multiple uploads on how they feel about it. Here is what they have to say:


Frederick Sheneni’

Selling on WhatsApp has defeated its purpose. Relationships here are very fluid with few exceptions. Everyone’s putting up a facade or selling something and sounding extremely materialistic. Most of these sellers have forgotten how to be human and also data privacy concerns. The app in itself has become a market place, and I don’t want to be around people who are always selling one thing or the other and put money above human relationships.


Adedayo Onaolapo

Too many pictures of products can make the viewers get tired especially when it doesn’t have content to explain the benefit that can be derived from the product. The number of pictures posted on the status at times makes viewers miss some vital information pass across because when they noticed you have many pictures, they will jump from first to the last posted.

To my understanding, it is not something pleasing to many viewers even when you have many pictures to post, upload a few with good details for your viewers to digest and give you good result expected.


Ezekiel Kayode

I always advise as many as I know to only post five pictures every 12 hours or at any interval that makes sense to them. No one likes to be inundated with more than they can handle. 10-15 status at a go and the seller is getting the first-class ticket to the mute city.

Olayemi Olagunju Olawumi

At first, I was indifferent about this mess, but lately I noticed nearly 50% of my over 400 contacts uploads at least 20 status a day all in the name of advertising or promoting their brands

The bitter truth is that a little percentage of their contact views their cumbersome statuses all they do is waste data and at the same time lose customers. I’m also an entrepreneur and I know how I advertise myself without having to upload 50 statuses a day.


Favour Ohiz

Well, I feel uploading your goods on WhatsApp status is not a bad thing but there should be limits. You can upload 5-10 items with prices then allow prospective buyers to send you a DM. In physical shops, you don’t see sellers displaying all their items outside. No need uploading 72 pictures without prices, do you want us to ask for price 72 times? That’s not fair!

Also, sellers must learn to make use of the catalog feature on WhatsApp Business. Buyers can easily go there and check for prices instead of posting daily. Also, consistency is key, don’t tell us you’re selling pot today, tomorrow you’re selling shoes, next tomorrow it’s a wristwatch, are you Alaba international market? You dey confuse dear.


Oluwafemi Afolabi

Personally, I do not see anything bad in it. Though it gets annoying sometimes when they start to send broadcasts and trying to buy us over but I still like them for trying to do something with the little opportunity they have on WhatsApp instead of just using their data to chat and just waste subscription.

As much as I would love to dislike their conduct and informal approach, I still feel it’s a means to an end.

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Nifemi Macaulay

Not to underestimate the power of social media, it is not too surprising why we have many people trying to sell their products on WhatsApp due to its high capacity of reaching customers and also due to its popularity amongst users. However, as a wise man once said, moderation is the mother of responsibility.

Constant, incessant, and long chains of uploads like waist beads can be frustrating and is a put off to people like me. Like how do you upload over 50 pictures at a go in the name of advertising your wares? It does not make any sense to me. Instead, you can make a 5 in 1 picture with the use of modern apps to ease the stress of uploading more pictures and also to keep your potential customers still interested. Of course, I am not against entrepreneurs, but excessive abuse is a no-no for me.


Ridwan Suleman

I do not have a problem with them actually, because I can easily delete their contact if I get tired of them, and more so, I added most of them simply because I needed their service at that particular point in time.


Femi Babafemi

It’s crazy but that’s our reality. People have become entrepreneurs overnight as a result of unemployment so you would understand the surge in pictures of WhatsApp stories. But they can do it better – only if they listen.


Popoola Adeshina

I do not view more than two pictures on the status of most of these sellers because seeing the number of posts always discourage me to view others. I feel the same thing they uploaded yesterday is the same thing they are going to upload today. So, what’s the essence of me viewing it when I already know what you’re going to post?


There you have it. Next week will be a featured article on ‘What is this thing called feminism?’



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