The best form of sex

One question which has become like a recurring decimal is that which boils down to what constitutes the best sex. I have been bombarded several times over this issue, and as I thought about it today, I decided to focus on it this week.

What constitutes the best form of sex? That is, what form of sex is like the icing on the cake for couples? Is the best form of sex a function of styles, location, time, or frequency? The truth of the matter is that what constitutes best form of sex is on the one hand, relative to each couple. While on the other hand, it is result based. This means what constitutes the best form of sex differs from couple to couple. It is like one man’s food is another man’s poison. In this scenario, what is good for the goose is not good for the grander. This is one major reason why marriages are failing fast these days: using one marriage as the yardstick measure for another marriage. We think that what works for a marriage, will definitely work for another marriage. But the results we are getting have made nonsense of that assertion. No two marriages are the same, even on the premises of the general principles of marriage, without adaptation to each marriage.

Therefore, with reference to the best form of sex, no two couples can claim to have similar experience; hook, line, sinker, fisherman and his boat. Every couple must discover what the best form of sex is for them. Imagine this scenario: a man shared at a joint how much fun himself and his wife have as he pinned her neck to the pillow, hitting her hard down there, during sex. He claimed that was always the hallmark of sex for them in their marriage. One of the men, who heard him speak, decided to try neck pinning style on his wife. He did not bargain for the outcome. The wife simply screamed blue murder, especially since the trial was to be a make-up sex to resolve their one week old quarrel. It worked for one couple, but messed up another couple.

The other and most important basis of the best form of sex is result based. What gives you maximum satisfaction in bed? That is, the type of sex that takes a couple to the zenith of enjoyment in bed is that couple’s best form of sex. Couples have to discover what form sex based on styles, time, location and frequency works for them, in order to arrive at what constitutes the best form of sex for them. Trying to compare the sex life of your marriage to that of another couple, may lead to the unexpected.

What we should also realise is that couples work their sex life around many factors that differ from couple to couple. These factors are in the area of health, work schedules, finance and the like. Really, it is wisdom deficiency to compare two marriages in order to achieve the same result.  It does not work, not in any part of the world. Or do you think a couple with obese partner, can adopt the same sex style with the couple with a lanky partner. Likewise is the case involving a rich couple and an average couple? Their weekend getaway cannot be in the same location always (if it is at all), as well as the frequency of such weekend getaway.


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