The Best CBD Gummies – Reviews & Buying Guide (2020)

CBD edibles are a great way to add a little extra CBD into your day without having to set time aside to take it. One of the most popular types is CBD gummies, offering a delicious sweet treat that also provides your body with a healthy burst of CBD.

WayofLeaf discusses the different benefits of CBD edibles in great detail and explains how they can improve both your physical and mental health when used regularly. However, among the many reasons that CBD gummies have become so popular is the simplicity that they offer compared to many other CBD products.

CBD gummies often look and taste just like regular gummies, meaning that they can be enjoyed in precisely the same way. Throw a pack of your favorite CBD infused gummies into your bag in the morning, and you are set for the day ahead. Super discreet CBD gummies can be enjoyed almost anywhere without drawing unwanted attention.

So, where can you find the best CBD gummies in 2020?


CBDfx has a wide range of different CBD-infused gummies, each having been carefully designed to provide slightly different effects. Options include chamomile and passion fruit gummies for relaxation and asleep, as well as multivitamins for women and general wellness gummies for men.

All of the ingredients used in CBDfx’s gummies have been carefully selected for their nutritional content and the way in which they react with CBD. Natural ingredients such as turmeric, spirulina, and biotin enhance the effects of the CBD contained within each gummy.

With so many unique CBD gummies options available through CBDfx, it is easy to find gummies that you love and enjoy taking every day.

#2. Premium Jane

Premium Jane’s CBD gummies are a great pick thanks to their excellent value for money and exceptional quality. Premium Jane uses a completely natural, vegan recipe to create its CBD gummies working to ensure that they are as healthy as possible.

Using a combination of hemp CBD isolate and natural flavorings and coloring such as carrot and pumpkin Premium Jane gummies have a deliciously sweet flavor profile and bright, vibrant coloring. Premium Jane uses CBD isolate as it ensures a pure CBD experience whereby all additional cannabinoids and terpenes have been removed.

In keeping with the Premium Jane brand, their CBD gummies come packaged in a beautifully designed pot that contains 30 gummies. Each gummy contains 25mg of pure CBD isolate, meaning that each pit has a total of 750mg of CBD.

Premium Jane’s CBD gummies have been designed so that they can be used both on their own as a mild natural supplement and alongside other CBD products for a much more noticeable burst of CDB.


PureKana is a great choice for anyone searching for 100% natural vegan gummies containing pure CBD isolate. PureKana has done an excellent job of using natural, healthy ingredients to create gummies that are packed with sweet, moreish flavor in a range of vibrant colors.

Committed to delivering the very best CBD experience, PureKana uses organically grown CBD isolate in their CBD infused gummies. Third-party lab testing is used to ensure the purity and potency of all of the CBD used. PureKana even makes the results from these tests available to customers before heading to the checkout so that you know exactly what you are purchasing.

PureKana gummies come in mixed fruit flavor, providing a refreshing burst of fruit with each bite and adding a layer of excitement to your daily CBD routine. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD, with there being 20 gummies in each pot.

#4. 24K CBD

24K CBD gummies are available in a range of different shapes and flavors, making CBD feel more like a daily treat than a supplement. From rainbow bites and twin cherries to cola bottles, 24K CBD has done a fantastic job at recreating all of your favorite childhood gummies with the added bonus of each one providing you with a healthy dose of CBD.

Each pot of gummies contains a total of 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD filling your body with a rich blend of naturally occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Third-party lab testing is also used to ensure a high standard of quality across all gummies as well as that all heavy metal, toxins, and THC have been removed.

24K CBD gummies are the perfect solution for anyone who struggles to stick to a regular CBD schedule making CBD feeling like an exciting treat.

About the Author

Kayla Burns’ passion for learning about CBD and the cannabis industry began when she studied Nutrition and Dietetics at Central Michigan University. Over the last few years, Kayla has split her time between sharing her knowledge of CBD through her articles on WayofLeaf and devoting her time to educating people about the therapeutic effects of cannabis.

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