The accented sacrifice and other distractions

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Globally, it is the stock in trade of administrations to find the right bones to throw at the mob to gnaw at just to buy time for their ineptitudes and incompetencies. Most times it is about doing the unthinkable to get the media attention off the scent of a more pressing issue that could damage the psyche of the public as far as public trust is concerned towards Government. 

Conscious minds would notice how nepotistic appointments and the alleged resignation of the Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, over NYSC certificate forgery have stolen the attention from critical national security issues bothering on the level of pregnability of our territorial integrity and sovereignty. 

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Asides from those incapable of self thoughts being pulled by the strings of their oppressors, these are far more greater concerns than who is fired or hired under the most corrupt administration in the history of global democracy. Distractions will always be another meaningless message to keep you from paying attention to all of the issues that really matter. 

George Santayana was apt when he said “A country without a memory is a country of madmen.” Our priorities are like the hole in our bum, if you think you deserve more than one, you are either crazy or destined to make medical history. 

What then is our priority as a people? Why build a comfort zone at the morose state of expecting daily dramas that distract from the corruption and theft that actually impacts our lives everyday? Do you know how many billions are spent annually to control the public mind? 

The most obdurate conflict and moral crisis of our age has nothing to do with religion and gay rights but identity politics of hate (Populism) we allowed to invade our socio-political space in 2015. It has dragged with it monumental failure of government, hideous weakening of the institutions and blatant proliferation of brazen nepotistic appointments as a culture. 

Our democracy is being destroyed daily as we speak while the ignorant political illiterates are playing “my thief is better than yours.” But we all can be assured that everyone who normalizes the aberration of now will have to answer to future generations (if they survive the Tiger they currently ride on) for their acquiescence, silence and self genocidal actions. 

I won’t blame the current administration. They have done everything they could to prove beyond every reasonable doubt we all made a mistake in 2015. We stampeded the most incompetent to power and are experiencing the consequences of that action on the daily, whether we choose to admit it or not. 

I believe the worst is yet to come. Populist government can’t be wished away and are often ousted by major disasters. We are fast approaching that state of ultimate inversion Ayn Rand spoke about, where government is free to do as it pleases, while citizens may act only by permission. But will you allow this to continue? Will this be your legacy to your children and future generations? 

Why are we allowing the larger evil escape our motive while preoccupied with petty specific grievances? The reason why advocacies have failed in the past is because there is no general idea (common ground) beyond the self promotion of notoriety by a handful who felt they deserve to be noticed. 

Leadership has been proven to be beyond political office (see EndSARS Advocacy), you can contribute to nation building from where you are and cement your name in history, while the people are better for it. A culture fixated in seeking strong men for leadership position is not an obsession about leadership, but an obsession about safety, servitude and slavery. 

“It is possible to make people contended with their servitude. You can provide them with endless amounts of distraction and propaganda.” – Aldous Huxley 

Why are we so enamoured by equality that we would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom? 

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