Tech school reiterates commitment to helping young Nigerians grow talents, businesses

A technology school, Equilibrium Zone Growth School (EZGrowthSchool), has reiterated its commitment to helping young Nigerians discover their talents and grow their businesses through innovative technology solutions.

The manager of the school, Joshua Adesogan, made this known to Tribune Online on Monday.
Adesogan stated that the school is an arm of Equilibrium Zone which also runs a business advisory and growth consulting firm with the aim of closing the gap in finding and accessing quality growth talent across the country.

He said the school is a virtual school, that classes and experiences are done remotely, and that they leverage popular remote work and video collaboration tools in teaching and reaching out to their students and clients.

Speaking about the tech sector and how it can help Nigerian businesses grow, Adesogan noted that the tech sector of Nigeria is on a rapid increase and that much attention should be paid to the growth side of it.

“Tech, if fully harnessed, will make Nigerian businesses get better by making work faster thereby improving return on investment,” he said. “To offer value, the school offers growth training and also provides growth talents for companies.”

He stated that the essence of establishing the school is to help young people and students to be abreast of the happenings and innovations in the Nigerian and global tech industry.

“There is a rapid increase in the search for talents to help drive growth in various businesses and startups in Nigeria and Africa,” he said. “And we are here to help young people acquire the talents and skills to fit into this sector and business.”

Some of the courses they offer include Growth Marketing Management, Performance Marketing, Online Sales Management, Business Growth Management, Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation, Growth Performance Analysis, Growth Strategy.

Others include Email Marketing Management, Community Management, Paid Campaign Management, Customer Acquisition and Retention, Digital Business Management, Marketing Operations, Project Management, Customer Activation Management, Business Development.

Speaking on how the courses they offer differ from the ones taught in universities, he said the tech school is built in an unconventional way. He added that, as against coming to take courses, students are given briefs and real-life projects that mimic what their typical jobs as growth talents will look like.

On who is qualified to enrol in the school, he said, “Anybody with at least a secondary school certificate and can operate something as simple as Facebook can apply.”


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