Team launches Privilege Card to address poor attention to teachers’ empowerment in Nigeria

A team of education service providers has initiated The Teachers Privilege Card Project (TPCP) in order to bridge the gap of poor attention to the support and empowerment of teachers across different states of the country.

Speaking on the initiative in Lagos, the team leader of the group, Oladipo Oke, said that the platform would improve the well-being of the teachers in the country.

Oke, who described his team as an advocacy group, noted that improved welfare, better working conditions and access to global opportunities for teachers will deliver better educational standards across schools in the country.

“We are launching this, having seen the huge gap created by poor attention to the support and empowerment of teachers and its resonating implications on quality of education and access to global opportunities.

“We decided to bridge this gap by setting up this platform to give access to opportunities that will improve the wellbeing of teachers through support and assistance from local and international organisations that desire to transparently give succour to teachers.

“We stand as an advocacy group to create a stronger awareness within the society to support and empower teachers both within the public and private sector, knowing that improved welfare, better working conditions and access to global opportunities will deliver better educational standards across our schools,”  Oke said.

While speaking on the privilege card, Oke noted that the card would give the teachers access to limitless opportunities.

Oladipo added that this is the best time to support teachers as its impact is huge in elevating the educational status of teachers, as well as students in the country.

“We believe a teacher with the privilege card will have tremendous access to opportunities that were not hitherto available to teachers.

“There is no better time to be a teacher than now. Join us today in supporting the most critical stakeholder in the transformation of education in our state and country.

“This project is piloting as a regional programme in the country and we are flagging off from Ogun state.” he said.


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