Symbols of national shame

Words can no more convey or describe the state of corruption and insecurity in Nigeria. What one sees daily in government offices and in the life of the average Nigerian puts in a position of service to the fatherland, defies reason. The reality of this truth staring us in the face is that, Nigeria, through our collective actions, or inaction, has been reduced to a nation where conscience has been symbolically murdered.

How, for example, in so short a time, can we forget the damage done to the treasury by the rampaging politicians? The season of the locusts is here again. Buoyed by past successes and the consistency in escaping justice or retribution, the politicians are falling on top of themselves again to proffer solutions to the nation’s nagging problems.

What a country! Who will puncture or remove the protective veils woven around the recycling of corrupt, incompetent and clueless politicians? I listened to a northern professor on radio, 99.3 FM on Friday, April 23, 2021, who is a masterful teller of history. Unfortunately, I tuned in halfway through the interview; the professor’s essay being discussed – a research actually and the arguments and points raised on the Fulani jihad, Fulani banditry, Federal Character in federal ministries, etc, were sound and with a striking insight, astonishingly objective.

We can now address the cause of the problems and eliminate them instead of battling unsuccessfully with the effects. But in the face of the new realities, that is, understanding the origins of the unending series of kidnappings and the professor’s bid to put across a proper perspective on the activities of bandits. However, he erred by saying and I paraphrase, “these bandits, ex – rustlers, were killing their fellow Fulanis for more than 20 years without attracting any media attention. However, now that the bandits have hit southern forests, kidnapping and collecting ransom, everybody is crying foul.”

Although, laxity of security is endemic in Nigeria, to fire off such historical salvos, however, to indirectly justify the Fulani bandits in southern forests remotely or otherwise will be a misguided attempt at diplomacy by a sympathiser. It explains why the sheer size of the number of men, the mechanised and armoured might of the military the police force have not been able to liquidate the AK-47 wielding, ill-trained illiterate villain. This seems to be a veiled sympathy for the Fulani bandits.


John R. Jimoh,  Ijebu-Ode.


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