Suspected burglars break into Adamawa govt house, cart away valuables

Burglars broke into Adamawa Deputy Governor’s office and carted away three Plasma televisions and one window-sized Air Conditioner.

Mr Audu Kirya, a Senior Admin officer in the deputy governor’s office confirmed the incident to newsmen in Yola on Friday.

Kirya, opening records said the office has witnessed four different vandal activities in the last two months.

Kirya said, “three executive Plasma Television sets and one window-sized air conditioner was catered by the suspected thieves.”

Kirya attributed the reoccurrence of the theft incidents in the Deputy Governor’s office in the state to poor security measures.

Some members of staff under the condition of unanimity expressed worry over the frequent vandal activities in the office of number two man in the state.

Commenting on the situation, the press secretary to the deputy governor, Mr George Kushi described the incident as regrettable.

Kushi lamented that it was unfortunate that a very important office like that of deputy governor would be visited by vandal activities.

”It means even top government confidential documents are not safe,” Kushi said.

However, Mr Usman Daura, Chief Security Officer ( CSO) to the Deputy Governor, said that measures have been taken to maintain and intensify security situation in the office.

”Among the measures include the deployment of a trained Vigilante group to man the office severely on daily basis and to cover where Police did not cover.

”Also, the security unit of the office has invited police detectives from Jimeta Division to investigate the incidents,” Daura said.

The questions that are remained to be asked are; why should the Vigilante group man security posts in the deputy governor’s office, is it because of inefficiency or insufficiency of policemen and other official security agencies in the state?

Why should the deputy governor’s office be reduced to such embarrassing security ridicule, does it not amount to the conspiracy of sabotage in the vandal?

Nura Mohammed the IT analyst would ask “how can thieves thrive in vandalising government property beating security with impunity if not sabotage? There’s the need to strengthen security against conspiracy in government house.”


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