Surmounting challenges as a woman my greatest achievement in creative industry — Ogochukwu

A Nigerian Artist, Ejiofor Ogochukwu has said that being a woman in the creative industry has enabled her breakthrough in her career despite the enormous challenges confronting her gender.

Ogochukwu who is in her early 30s is the CEO of Art Bullet which serves as a studio and training centre for students, teachers and other art lovers.

She said when she started the artistic work, she experienced lots of challenges but her consistency has paved the way for her and kept her going.

“I run Art Bullet, it is a studio and also a work space where we teach students how to make different things, acquire skills that you can use after school, and we also teach teachers who teach secondary school students.

“When I started the art business, it was challenging because a lot of Nigerians don’t appreciate art, but I stood by what I like doing. It has been challenging, but being consistent with what I do has kept me going.

“For me, the challenges were much, but I like to push with positivity rather than the negative part. Also, the conditions I get from clients at times were not suitable for me as a woman, but I have to do what I have to do to carry on while I don’t compromise my dignity as a woman”, Ogochukwu stated.

Ogochukwu who is also visual artist, an installation artist, and multi-disciplinary artist, said moving from one stage of her life to another, paying her bills and eating at least two meals a day without begging anyone shows that she is really making some positive advancement in her career, knowing how she started.

“There have been a lot of breakthroughs for me, especially when I see myself moving from one stage to another irrespective of some humiliating conditions from clients and other persons which I cannot meet up with.

“Generally, it has been tasking because you have to work double hard in order to meet up with your male counterparts. When I see myself taking care of my own bills, it shows that I am actually experiencing a breakthrough in my career.

“If I am able to afford two meals a day, pay my bills without begging someone, it is a breakthrough for me because I still remember how I started”, she noted.

While calling on the government to assist local artists, Ogochukwu charged Nigerian artists to ensure they keep pushing, having in mind that the government may not offer assistance to them.

“Nigerian artists know the kind of government we have, so whatever they are doing, they are putting in their best and they are pushing forward, we have the likes of Olufemi who have made us so proud recently, he was commissioned to do the portrait of the Queen of England, it is a breakthrough for Nigerian artists. The government has to up their game in supporting artists”, she added.

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