Super Kharot drags celebrities to Ilaji Resort for post lockdown party

As life gradually returns to the new ‘normal’, a few events have returned, much to the excitement of fun-seekers. Super Kharot entertainment has taken up the challenge of creating alternative avenues for fun lovers to get their groove on. One of such is the ‘lockdown parties’ which his outfit is now generally known for around Ibadan.

Hosted at the Ilaji resorts, the ‘lockdown party’ hosts select celebrities and a few of their fans to two nights of fun and engagement. Speaking exclusively to Friday Treat, Bamidele Opeyemi said, “We created these parties based on request. The last six months have taken an untold toll on everyone. Most have been forced to be locked up for over six months and now feel the urge to exhale and have fun. This was why I decided to create a safe haven for select fun seekers to unwind in a pleasant atmosphere with their favourite celebrities.

“The second edition holds this weekend and we look forward to hosting the crème of society to Ilaji Resort which is now the toast of classy people who love the finer things in life. We are making sure we adhere to best practices undercurrent and prevailing circumstances by ensuring that the event is not open to everyone. So, guests can rest assured that they have absolutely nothing to fear except unwinding, engage and motivate themselves.

Among expected celebrities are top musicians, comedians and dancers from the entertainment industry and there will be a football match between Bodija and Ring road residents at the resort. Celebrities representing these areas will be drafted into both teams. We also have various other activities lined up.

It promises to be a time to remember. Representatives from government, corporate world and entrepreneurs are also expected for various discussions/networking so it is not all about parties.



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