Suddenly is a myth in leadership

Knowing by experience, it takes a very long time for a great leader to cook. In other words, no one becomes a leader overnight and suddenly. On the condition that leadership is your core sphere of purpose in the midst of the earth, then get ready for many years of rigorous process! Remember, nothing happens suddenly, not even leadership!

Over the years, many folks have succeeded in watering down the subject of leadership, teaching that folks can become leaders, driving on autobahn. No wonder we are having too many babies (uncooked people occupying varied leadership positions) occupying varied leadership positions in our clime. No wonder we are where we are today as a nation and people.

When a baby climbs up the ladder of leadership, it is the people he or she is supposed to be leading who will be changing diapers for him or her every now and then. We currently have a lot of babies in Nigeria, especially in the realms of politics and religion. How do you know a baby in leadership? He or she speaks and behaves ridiculously, and displays money and what money can buy as toddlers would display toys!

This is why it is a foul and malevolent thing for a baby to climb up the ladder of leadership. Remember, a baby cannot build; he or she can only destroy. Kindly understand that a baby in leadership can be either a hundred years old man or woman. What I am declaring here has little or nothing to do with age. A 40-year old in leadership can have the wisdom, character and maturity of an aged while an 80-year old in leadership can be devoid of wisdom, character and maturity that leadership requires.

Who then is a baby in the context of the issue I am addressing right now? A baby is someone—who cannot think on his or her own. A baby is someone whose character is yet to be formed. A baby is someone who depends on others for everything he or she wants to get done. A baby does not have a mind of his or her own. And a baby cannot differentiate his left hand from his right hand.

Now that you have been told who a baby is in the context of leadership, let me take this burning issue a little further: there are many places, where people who are not supposed to be elevated to leadership positions are leaders today only because they have money! This is very common in the spheres of religion and politics! I remember many years ago, I was part of a religious organization that was just starting and to elevate people into some vacant leadership positions, potential leaders needed to be interviewed and chief amongst the conditions that were set before us was money. Once you did not have money, you were to be thrown out of the window like used tissue! This is one of the major reasons behind every crisis we are having in leadership across every sector of our national life.

A would be leader’s journey is hardly smooth like that of a follower! If you are going to become a leader in the days to come, you will not likely be found in the fast-lane. You are going to be tried for your leadership assignment, so when some teachers are saying that you can become a leader overnight—using some ploys, tricks, taunts and gimmicks, do not fall for it, for it is a fabricated-lie!

David was oiled to be a leader, but he did not become a leader overnight. It took him 13years of process before he eventually became a leader. I remember in 2013, when someone called me from the United States of America that he needed my support to become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This was someone who had never served in any capacity before in Nigeria. He had never carried anyone’s bag. He had never followed any politician before. He was never even a councilor! He just believed that he had been called to become the President of Nigeria.

Did I believe him? No! Why? Because I do know that it is impossible to just suddenly rise and become a president! No one is going to become a president overnight. For this to happen, you must have been in the trenches for years before becoming a president. Bola Asiwaju Tinubu is a force to reckon with today in politics, but he did not get to where he is today suddenly. He carried bags for politicians of yesteryears and former times. He was taught politics by some of the best around in those days. But today, no one wants to learn. No one wants to follow anyone for years. And instead of submitting and following those who have been taught by some of the best in politics and governance, immature folks would just rise, saying that God has called them to become the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. How can God tell 10 people that they would become the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria during a singular presidential election? It is very easy to know that they do not know how God elevate people into leadership!

Lastly, before you are finally revealed to the whole world as a rock-solid leader, you would need to be at ease, gratified and pleased with staying in obscurity for years! Many people do not understand this dimension to leadership. They think immediately they are born is the day they shall grow-up, reaching the sky. Once again, the word ‘suddenly’ is a myth in leadership!




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