Successful fashion brands are sustained by customers’ loyalty ― Bolatito Salami

Salami Bolatito Elizabeth, a renowned beauty therapist and fashion entrepreneur recently offered some nuggets of wisdom about the importance of excellent customer service to the beauty and style business.

In a recent chat with Tribune Online, she said, “I use, daily, any available medium to appreciate royal fans of my beauty and style brand because their loyalty to my brand is what sustains me in business.”

Her fashion house, Zanzeespabeautynstyle is a day spa and skincare service business and exclusive ready-to-wear and abaya boutique.

Continuing, she said, “I do not take customer’s patronage for granted knowing that they have lots of choices, hence, I always show appreciation to them for choosing me.”

According to her, the priority she accords customer service is one of the factors that differentiates her brand from the competition.

To be successful at a business, she explained further, one must have passion for what one does. “It was the passion for beauty and lifestyle that made me venture into all the different businesses that I have been doing under my various outfits,” she said.

“The teething problems of beauty and style business, such as the frustration of the fluctuating exchange rate, and the unhealthy competition in the sector, can put anyone without passion for the job out of business.

“But, driven by my love and passion for the business, I worked harder and refuse to relent. And today, the hard work pays. I have loyal customers across Nigeria and as far away as Dubai, New York and London,” Salami explained.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, she counselled further, “Behind the glamour of the beauty business, there is backbreaking work; be determined to put in the hard work without excuses. More importantly, do not give up on your dreams.”


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