Success is about consistency, determination — Lead City varsity first-class Mass Communication graduate

At the 13th convocation of Lead City University, Ibadan, held on December 17, 2020, Oseni Medinat Modupe, 20, graduated with 4.82 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) first class in Mass Communication, and won the overall best graduating student prize of the department. In this interview, she tells GABRIEL OSHOKHA how the journey started, her motivations, among others.

What was the motivation for Mass Communication?

Going for Mass Communication was initially like an intimidating challenge for me because I’m a very shy person though very determined to succeed in whatever I do.  We all know that in Mass Communication, you have to face a lot of audience. So, I opted for Mass Communication to conquer my shyness.


Today, you have joined the league of first-class scholars across the world. Please, share your experience with us

It wasn’t an easy journey but I was determined to accomplish my dream. I believe you can achieve your aims in life through consistency, hard work, smart work, and above all the Almighty Allah’s support. I would tell anybody who needs my advice to create a schedule and then strictly follow that schedule because success is about consistency.


How did you and your parents react to the news?

I was thrilled by the news, and my parents were excited, too.  Looking back, it was more like we were nurturing a plant since my 100-level.  It was like a goal set for me to accomplish because I already made a first class in my 100-level. They were closely monitoring my progress and giving me words of encouragement.  And by the grace of Allah, I was able to finish with a first class, and I also emerged the best graduating student of my department.


Were there any external factors that influenced this brilliant outcome?

I received so much encouragement from my parents, members of my family, and my siblings. Another crucial influence is Allah through whom all things are possible because there were times I was close to giving up but Allah sustained the dream to finish with a first class in Mass Communication. I was hopeful and I’m here.


What challenges did you encounter during the programme?

There were challenges in different guises. I had to contend with competitors, but I didn’t allow that to shift my academic focus. I believe you should not allow challenges of whatever degree to sway you from your set goals in life.  One key fact is when you have done well the first time, you would always subsequently look forward to achieving better results, and that’s why I was able to top my class with Allah’s grace, and with the support from family members and genuine friends.


So, what are your plans for the future?

I have plans to further my education within the same field of study, which is Mass Communication, and I intend to go into journalism.  I pray the Almighty Allah will see me through because the most important thing is Allah first. This is the beginning of my success.  I’m determined and I want to be known; I want to be a source of inspiration to my generation.


And how well has Mass Communication prepared you for the rapidly evolving digital age?

Mass Communication is a very wide course, and so I know that I have to study really hard to touch other areas.


Were you involved in any extra-curricular activities during undergraduate programme?

I can’t really think of one but I still had my social life.  I was not out of social activities; I was engaging in other things aside from academics. There is a saying that ‘all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”


What advice do you have for the younger ones?

They should avoid distractions and set their mind to things they want to achieve. They should embrace hard work, as well as being consistence. I believe once you are determined, you can do it. Nothing is too big to achieve so long as you set your mind to it.



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