Success in registry administration lies in teamwork ― FCE Oyo ex-registrar 

Former Registrar, Federal School of Surveying, Oyo, and acting registrar, Federal College of Education, Special, Oyo, Mr Gbade Adesola has said that Registry in any institutions, is a hub in the organization that must not be held with levity and that its operational success outcome lied in teamwork.

Adesola made this remark on Tuesday, during the valedictory lecture organized for him by the college’s Registry Department in honour of his retirement in the institution.

According to him, Registrar must be a responsible personality, with a mindset of uprightness, diligence and hard work in the discharging process of his, or her statutory responsibilities in the organization.

He said: “ For a Registrar to succeed in his, or her career, he, or she must promote and encourage a teamwork operation among the entire staff members of the registry with the intention of ensuring that the rules and regulations that established the organization are strictly adhered to.

“The Registrar must live by example and run an open-door policy that will give room to all his subordinates to have a sense of belonging in the day-to-day running of the department. It has become inevitable for Registrars to source for recourse fund for staff capacity building periodically.”

Commending the outgone Registrar, the College Registrar, Mr Joseph Araoye, described the outgone Registrar as a man of integrity who has made a tangible impact in the development process of the Registry department of the college, and even as an acting registrar of the institution, he has established an indelible legacy for his successors to follow in the department.

According to him, the outgone acting registrar is very approachable and ready to share his experiences with anybody who cares to learn.

Speaking in the same vein at the occasion, the Provost of the institution, Professor, Kamoru Usman described Mr Adesola as a man of intelligence with a high level of integrity in his profession as a registrar.

According to the provost, Mr Adesola is a resourceful and reliable person that any organization leadership would ever like to work with, adding that the college will always seek his wealth of experience as a retired registrar.

Similarly, Mrs Mopelola Oso, who spoke on behalf of other staff in the Registry Department of the college, confirmed the good leadership of the outgone Registrar.

According to her, Mr Adesola “is an administrator per excellence who can work efficiently and effectively under pressure, and a man who enjoys support from his subordinates. A man of God how is far away from bigotry.”

Meanwhile, the valedictory lecturer, Mr Olanrewaju Adebayo, Executive Chairman Equipoise whose lecture was based on Changing roles of management in 21first century tertiary institution: Dynamics of a turbulent world enjoined the leadership in the country to facilitate the process of building a new world that would start from the family and that the tertiary institution should be engaged to play a leading role.

According to him, the problem of the world is getting enormous, but the solution lies in quality education.” Quality education is key to solve all human problems, insecurity inclusive.

Quality education will ensure industrialization development in the country and it will also guarantee the youths to endowed with entrepreneur skills education.

There is nothing that is not solvable. Nations had experienced series of epidemics and woeful situations before but later came to an end. Humanity has the capacity to solve all problems if it resolves to do so.


Success in Registry administration lies in teamwork, FCE Oyo Ex-Registrar

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