Stop smuggling cocaine to Saudi Arabia

This is the time to inform the Lagos National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) boss to wake up from his slumber and embark on general overhauling of all his officials attached to the Muritala Muhammed Airport so as to put an end to frequent smuggling of cocaine to Saudi Arabia. A number of people who are Nigerian citizens have escaped the scrutiny and succeeded in smuggling cocaine from Muritala Muhammed Airport to Saudi Arabia.

It is horrendous that majority of Nigerians are still on death row in Saudi Arabia. One female Nigerian whose name was Mrs. Kudirat Afolabi was beheaded last week by Saudi authority for smuggling cocaine to their country.

One of the duties of the NDLEA officials attached to Muritala Muhammed airport is to arrest anyone who is trying to smuggle cocaine out of the nation to other countries. The NDLEA officials in the last four years have done well by arresting drug traffickers at Nigeria airport.

The Federal Government did its best to appeal to the Saudi government to spare the life of Mrs. Kudirat Afolabi.  But the question is; how did Kudirat Afolabi manage to beat our NDLEA officials in Lagos state to smuggle cocaine to Saudi Arabia? For me, something is wrong with our security apparatus in Nigeria.

There is need to overhaul the NDLEA officials attached to our various airport in Nigeria. I was unhappy when I heard that another Nigerian whose name was Waheed had been arrested again by Saudi Arabia authority for smuggling cocaine into their country. President Muhammed should as a matter of urgency take urgent steps to arrest drug traffickers in Nigeria before escaping to Saudi Arabia. The president should extend his war on corruption to drug traffickers who are smuggling cocaine to Saudi Arabia.

My advice to NDLEA officials at our various airports is to do everything within their power not to allow any Nigerian to smuggle cocaine to Saudi Arabia. I also appeal to Nigerians who are warming up to smuggle cocaine to Saudi Arabia to stay away from such an act.

Jimoh Mumin Esq.


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