Sports Superstars Who Also Love Poker

It’s safe to say that poker is absolutely a game of skill and that it is nothing to do with luck. It’s a favourite casino game for absolutely millions of people all around the globe Celebrities and even businessmen love the game but that’s not all. Sporting stars are also very keen poker players, some of the most famous ones can be found below.

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Gerard Piqué

Gerard Piqué is a football player for Barcelona. He managed to win the World Cup and he has won honours from the famous Champions League too. That being said, he is also a very big poker player. He’s come away with thousands by playing poker and he has also come in first place quite a number of times. He’s very keen on expanding his skillset and frequently looks out for poker bonus rewards online, to make sure that he is signing up with the best providers when playing.

Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour had a very long career in the NFL. In fact, he played there for 12 years. Most of the time he spent in the NFL was when he played with the New England Patriots. He’s also won the Superbowl a total of three times and he has won the Pro Bowl seven times. After his career was over, he decided to start playing poker. Most of the time he enjoys participating in high-stake games and he also travels across Europe playing as well. He has been ranked as being the 131st greatest player in the WSOP event and he came away with thousands from that alone. Overall, he’s made quite a lot of profit by playing the occasional game of poker.

Fatima Moreira De Melo

Fatima Moreira De Melo was a hockey player. She participated in the Olympics too. She ended her sporting career and decided to dive into poker. Her winnings are not as much as others but at the end of the day, she has chosen to play in online multiplayer events only. That is why her winnings are less. One of her most notable events would be back in 2015. She also dedicated herself to expanding her skills, by trying to team up with other professionals so that she can learn more about the game.

Audley Harrison

Audley Harrison is a boxer and he won the gold medal in the Olympics too. In the year 2007, he became a professional player and he managed to win over $70,000 at the Bellagio. Back in the day, he also participated in the Venetian event, where he managed to come out with a total of $90,000. He has always said that poker is one of his favourite pastimes and that is why he is doing everything he can to try and make sure that he not only expands his skillset but that he also goes up against people who may be a challenge for him. He’s stated that he loves the game and that he’s always trying to play online to change things up.



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