SPONSORED: How Forex Changed the South African Trading Market?

The Forex Market changed the way we used to trade. Since people asked for quick results instead of waiting for years to see any development. A change was due. The forex market has been around for decades in several areas,but it came very late to the South African region. Following we are going to discuss what changes it brought it’s with the arrival in this region.

Forex in General

This is a short-term investment,and it comes with a quick return if everything goes well. It offers the prospect of self-employment as it gives you the flexibility to work your own hours. You can usethe trade market and do whatever you want.

What makes Forex trading is a bit unique is you will see immediate changes in just an hour after an hour. This is different from the stocks and bonds trading that take months to make a change.

South African Market

The South African Market was introduced to forex years ago. This was a major shift in the economicdemographics of this country. Still, this idea hasn’t achieved the mainstream adoption (or to an extent) as everyone expected. There are a lot of things you have to consider.

The market was used to tradition trading and investing. Forex brought a whole new concept to the table, and it granted a new audience to the usual trader in the region. People were hesitant about the change at first,but we see admirable developments recently

The Risk

Forex Trading doesn’t make you rich in just one night, it’s a misconception. Yes, it does help people earn a respectful living but you better mind the fact CFDs come with a significant risk and a trader better invest money they are prepared to lose. Like it or not, you will lose sooner or later, However, the win-loss ratio helps you keep on track and make a profit in future.

Making money with forex needs hard work, the ability to take a risk and be patient. You better not invest more than 2% of your wallet in a single trade. Have plans in place to place the currency pairs you want to trade and understand future news that will affect the value of the currency in the future.

Subscribe to a Forex News site like FX Daily Report. These sites give you instant notification about the latest happenings of forex market place. These sites give you the list of licensed forex brokers and let you know which one is the most profitable.

Getting Started with Forex Trading

The ideal way to start forex is opening a demo account at a reliable platform. Demo account lets you sign up and trade with fake money until you learn the ropes. You get real market data and have time to learn real knowledge about forex with market analysis, trends, reversals, etc.

These accounts are time-limited,but you can find brokers with unlimited demo accounts. This way, you can take your time to learn and invest money in only prolific ventures.

Regulation and Broker

The Forex Industry is regulated by authoritative regulars around the global. Financial Services Board (FSB) is such institution which protects South Africans in the non-banking sector. When you choose a broker, you will have to check up with the FSB financial service provider. This way, you will see if the Financial Service Provider is regulated and what instruments they offer.

The broker you choose significantly doesn’t need to be related by FBS. But it must be regulated by somebody. It could be FCA, CySec, ASIC or other. These regulators will make sure that the borrower works under the law and offers insurance of your funds.


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