(SPONSORED) HealthAndLife With Foluke Sarimiye: IDPs on my mind; #PatelacareCOVID19ReliefProject

My visit to internally displaced persons camp kishi on the outskirts of Irepo local government area Oyo state was indeed an eye-opener. We had gone on a Christmas Outreach; providing relief materials and bringing some of the children to the city for the first time to celebrate Christmas (Reflecting on my journey to Kishi last December). Before we embarked on our journey back home I sat and listened to Lady Karma who narrated how her life and many others lives seeking refuge at the Internally displaced camp Kishi have dramatically changed since they were forced to flee from their homes because of the insurgency in some Northern States of Nigeria. The stories of deaths of loved ones, killings in their presence, rape, unwanted pregnancy, contracting diseases and destruction of livelihood are horrifying and almost unbelievable. The thought that people, not too far off but in the same country I live in, experience such dreadful life events is unimaginable.

I will write more on various aspects of my Kishi journey in other articles some day, however, my focus now is the impact COVID-19 pandemic is having on this set of vulnerable people.

They are faced with tremendous psycho-social and economic challenges everyday already. Now adding the burden that comes with the pandemic is definitely overwhelming.

Leaving no one behind (United Nations SDGs Goals) is what we are all charged with; hopefully achievable by the proposed year of 2030.

We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone (Ronald Reagan), so PCF embraced the challenge once again as we reached out to this set of vulnerable group. I’m honoured and glad to be part of Patela Care Foundation Team, bringing succor and relief to this set of lovely people during this crisis of #COVID19 pandemic.
I also commend Rev Father Sylvester Odunrinde for his selfless humanitarian service at the Kishi Camps.
Hopefully cure will be found and or vaccines made available for all and this global challenge will soon come to an end. However, while it tarries please be that beacon of light and hope to someone.

Author’s Brief Profile
Dr. Foluke Sarimiye
Lecturer/Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Patela Care Foundation




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