SPIRITANDSOUL Clothing Set To Launch In Summer 2021

Maggy Soas founder, designer and creative director for SpiritAndSoul, a contemporary women’s fashion brand is getting ready to launch SPIRITANDSOUL CLOTHING LINE. An exclusive brand of contemporary urban wear targeted at under 40s wishing to make a fashion statement, Maggy said this project has been her vision since her intern days at “The Row”.

Maggy told our reporters that bringing her vision to life took a lot of strategic and creative partnerships. She says her focus will be on the creative designs, branding and marketing side of things which is her forte, while she will outsource the actual manufacturing of the products to a partner that will provide the skilled labour to bring these designs to fruition. She says talks are on going with Malaysian and Chinese firms who will provide the technical support. She also said some of her raw materials fabrics will be sourced from her ancestral home Egypt, Morocco and other parts of Africa. She further explained that making profit isn’t the only reason she is ecstatic about her dreams coming true but also becoming an employer of labour and providing jobs for those who need it.

Maggy graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Apparel Design and Manufacturing summa cum laude in 2912. She went on to gain experience as an intern doing technical design at ‘The Row’ (Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen’s luxury clothing brand), in New York City before moving back to LA in 2013.

Maggy who has New Mexico roots and Egyptian heritage currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

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