Somali army kills 8 al-Shabab militants in southern regions

A military official, on Wednesday, reported that eight al-Shabab fighters were killed during a fierce counteroffensive attack with Somali government forces in Garbaharey town in the southern region of Gedo.

Osman Abdi-Qorah from Somali National Army (SNA)’s unit 10 told journalists that members of al-Shabab extremists launched an attack on a base used by Somali army in Garbaharey.

He said the forces repulsed them foiling their attempt to overrun the base.

“There was a fierce fight that lasted for hours, but our forces defeated the militants killing 8 of them, including their commander in the area named Mohamed Dhere.’’


Qorah confirmed that a government soldier was injured during the fight.

On September 2, Somali military killed nine al-Shabab militants in an area between Middle and Lower Shabelle regions.

Government forces are on major operations to root al-Shabab extremists out of southern regions.

The militants, however, still hold swathes in rural areas conducting ambushes and planting land mines.