Soap or not? Pros and cons of using bar soap for cleansing your face

The fact remains that keeping your skin healthy starts by keeping it clean. However, what is the best way to keep your skin healthy and clean at all times? This can be confusing because there are lots of products that claim to have the best face cleansing properties.

Bar soaps have been around for a long time now with many other types of products coming and going. It seems to have been around for this long for a reason, but is it good for your face? We would be taking a look at some of the pros and cons of using soap for your face.

Pros of using bar soap for cleansing your face


Most bar soaps contain glycerin which is a plant-based ingredient that helps the skin to retain moisture. This is great for people with dry and sensitive skins because it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth for most of the day.

Avoiding skin irritants

For people with sensitive skins, bar soaps are great for your skin because it does not contain skin irritants and this allows the perfect cleaning of your skin. Bar soaps are made using sodium hydroxide and applied to the skin, the sodium hydroxide washes off leaving only the soap molecules. Liquid soaps on the other hand have surfactants and preservatives which prematurely age the skin.

Easy application

Bar soaps are easy to apply on the skin and this is possible when you take the quantity you need and leather it on your hands before applying it to a specific part of your face. It is easier to control because all you need to do is make sure you touch it and apply it to your face whenever you want.

This prevents the challenge of applying too much on the face. It is also a good choice to apply on your baby’s face because it is tender and gentle on the skin, preventing it from entering your baby’s nose and eyes. The best baby soaps are fragrance-free or alcohol-free and can be used by adults with sensitive skin.

Cons of using bar soap for cleansing your face

Problems with the shape

Because of the way bar soaps are shaped, it might be difficult to get an easy cleanse for your face with direct application. In the end, you would end up washing some places, leaving some other parts of your face unwashed.

Scented and dyed bar soap problems

Some bar soaps are scented and sometimes dyed and this means it contains aesthetic add-ons which can have negative side-effects on your skin.

You cannot share

Compared to other types of body cleaning agents, there is a high level of direct application to the body and face which means that sharing is not an option. No matter how close a person is to you, because of the high levels of bacteria available on your bar soap, sharing can lead to the transference of these bacteria and this can, in turn, lead to new skin diseases.


As we have seen here, the question of whether bar soaps are great for application on the face is dependent on your preference. As we pointed out, where are pros and there are cons and your decision would be based on whether the pros outweigh the cons for you or not. If you are not sure, just try to quit soap for a month like repeller.



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